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So I guess Wanderlei Silva was doing some light sparring and having some fun with the participants at one of his seminars when this guy came up for his turn. Wow!

Starting the playful session with the calmness of a seasoned pro, the young man shocks the crowd by scoring a beautifully timed front kick to Silva’s solar plexus that had to hurt. As Wandy tries hard to figure out the range, the kid answers back with a beautiful spinning back kick that’s right on the mark. He’s dominating the striking that’s for sure.

After taking a few shots, Wandy swings wildly, shoots in for a take down and gets it after some serious defense shown by his opponent. The kid establishes his guard, putting Wanderlei right where he wants him. With some serious encouragement from his Dad –I think it is– who’s holding the camera from a safe distance away, he starts to hammer Silva’s lower back and kidneys with his heels.

Now that move is completely illegal in MMA but not during light sparring sessions at seminars. Obviously this kid knows the rules of the game!

Time expires soon after, ending a very close round of action.

Wait a minute!

Please don’t take anything I wrote above seriously except for the first part about light sparring.

It was all a joke!

This teenager and his father –if that’s who’s talking on the video– have some serious issues.

Taking play sparring way too serious and actually trying to hit Wanderlei hard while doing it?

What did they think, he was going to win? Lol

He’s very lucky that Wanderlei chose only to slap him around instead of pounding him out. My hat is off to Silva for dealing with this idiot is such a calm manner.

Here’s the video…

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UFC Parody Video

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Came across another cool MMA video made by some fight fan. Luckily some people spend the time making stuff like this to entertain us.

and here it is…

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Congratulation to Alex C on winning the free instructional workshop in the lastest UFC Pick’em contest.

Alex managed to pick 8 of 11 fight winners correctly. Well done!

Note: Alex I’ll be sending you an email very soon.

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MMA Basics – Striking Technique

I’ve been wanting to share this drill with you for a while and this week I finally had a chance to get it ready. I’m excited because I know that it will really help you in your training.

Do this drill and you’ll punch with much more power while using less effort; Your punches will land more often because you won’t be telegraphing your attacks before you do them; Plus your defensive abilities will improve especially when up against an opponent that throws a lot of body kicks and body punches.

How so?

Because it will train you to keep your elbows in close to your body before, during and after your punching attacks.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

Train hard!

Master the basics and jump start your training with my MMA QuickStart training program.

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It took me a little while to put this list together. I thought hard about both the present and the past tonight when I visited my mother in-laws place for dinner.

In the end I came up with a bunch of facts, some pretty embarrassing, that you probably don’t know about me.

In return for my honesty :),  do me one favour in return after reading the rest of this post. Comment and share at least one thing –hopefully more– that most people wouldn’t know about you. C’mon don’t be shy!

Anyways, here we go…

1)  I was on my grade school`s chess team for one year back in the day.

2)  My parents almost named me Lee instead of Jeff. My middle name is now Lee.

3)  My brother used to call me Bruce Pee because I would sometimes wet the bed when I was very young. I friggin hated that!

4)  I used to compete a lot with my “Bo Staff” when I was a teenager. (click to watch)

5)  I started training in martial arts when I was five under my father, Rick –who was a three time Canadian champion—but it wasn’t until I got into a fight in high school that I became motivated to devote my life to martial arts training.

6)  My two front teeth are fake due to a head butt that I received during one of my pro MMA fights. (click to watch)

7)  I place 2nd in the city (for our school board) for public speaking when I was 11 years old. I won $10 cash!

8 )  I tried out for “The Ultimate Fighter” show twice –making the final 10 in Boston– but was turned down because I was “Too quiet”.

9)  I am a computer RPG video game fanatic. I`ve had had characters on Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, Neverwinter Nights and many other games. I currently have forced myself not to play them at all because I get way too addicted.

10)  I’ve sustained 22 injuries over a lifetime of martial arts training. The worst one being a cracked orbital bone. I couldn`t see straight for nearly 2 weeks!

11)  I had to defend myself in the street on the night of my brother’s wedding, while wearing a rented tuxedo! It kind of felt like I was James Bond as I was doing it. Luckily I got the grass stains out of the pants before I had to return them to the store.

12)  My first MMA Fight was inside a small night club in Montreal. They coolest part was that they had cages with Go Go Dancers inside them. In between every fight the girls would do their thing.

13)  I used to play AA hockey when I was young. A bad coach kinda ruined the sport for me.

14)  I failed English twice because I had zero interest in reading books at the time. I started this blog to make my former English teacher proud. Well not really, but I remain hopeful that she would be.

15)  I was in a hip hop group when I was 16. We did one live show. It went really well but beforehand I was more scared than I have ever been in my entire life.

16)  I`ve had a black eye in the pictures that were taken at almost every important event in my life including my wedding, my sister in-law`s wedding and many other important family events.

17) A week after my UFC fight we went out to a local bar. The owner –a great guy—gave me a VIP booth and a big bottle of Grey Goose vodka. I hadn`t drank any alcohol during the six months leading up to my fight and the stuff we drank that night hit me way too hard. So hard that when I got home I rushed to take a piss in what I thought was the bathroom. Turns out it wasn’t. My wife was not impressed…

18) Thanks to my 7 year old daughter’s influence I’m now a Justin Beiber fan. Did I just say that?

19) My favourite musical artist of all time is “Redman”.

20) My favourite movie is “Braveheart”.

21) The heaviest I’ve been in my life is 213 lbs. and the time when I was in the best shape was right before my fight with Josh Koscheck when I was weighing in at 186lbs with 6% body fat.

22) My favourite NHL hockey team has always been the Detroit Red Wings. My favourite player: Steve Yzerman of course.

23)  A while back, I got the opportunity to do the pre-game coin toss for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats season opener. I also got to lead the crowd of 30,000 fans through the  Tiger Cat’s Oskee-Wee-Wee cheer. That was really cool and the Hamilton fans are ­awesome!

24)  I have a 200 lbs. English Mastiff named “Zeena”.

25)  Today, I love the sport of martial arts more than ever. I also look forward to helping many others achieve their goals so that they can experience the great things that the sport has given me.

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Today is the day when all of Spencer’s hard work in the gym will be put to use!

Tonight is UFC 120 and I’m super excited. So excited that I woke up at 3 am this morning and I don’t think I ever got fully back to sleep after that. Spending the last six weeks with Spencer and his family has been an awesome experience and the fact that Spencer is such a cool guy to be around and train with, makes this day even more exciting to me. I really want to see him kick some ass and get the win tonight as he totally deserves it after all we’ve gone through during the fight camp.

Funny thing is that when I did an interview with a reporter from the newspaper back home –the same person that travelled with me to my UFC fight night match against Josh Koscheck on Miramar base–, he asked me if I used visualization to prepare for my job a corner man. He had seen me do a ton of it while I was preparing to fight and was wondering if I’d do the same thing as coach.

I told him that I wouldn’t be doing much visualization, but today I find myself doing a ton of it; running through different fight scenarios in my mind, both good and bad; imagining what words I’ll use when speaking to Spencer during that very important minute between each round; deciding which one of us –Spencer’s good friend and first boxing coach Reggie will be in the corner with me– will carry the stool, water and other supplies into the cage. It’s definitely stressful. As a fighter I know how important my corner man’s words were to me during my toughest of fights. I really want to do a great job tonight!

Will I be nervous? I’m not sure. I was a little bit when I finalized the deal to become part of Spencer’s training camp but it was those nerves that had me studying material, developing game plans and putting together an entire strategy for the camp. Plus, my knees were definitely knocking a bit when Spencer jumped onto the stage yesterday for the weigh-ins. Again, I think it’s all because I really want Spencer to do great tonight when he steps into the cage. If he doesn’t do well, I will definitely feel like I didn’t do my job in the best way that I could.

Well, it’s about that time. Time for us to meet Burt and all the other fighters down in the lobby so that we can jump aboard the shuttle buses and make the long trek –over an hour drive– to the O2 arena…Wish us luck…

Oh yeah, I got a little footage of fans, friends and teammates wishing Spencer good luck. Check it out!

[jwplayer mediaid=”4323″]

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UFC Fight Night: Fight for the Troops 2 will take place live at 7:00 PM this Saturday (January 22nd). The main event features a battle between top lightweight contenders Evan Dunham and Melvin Guillard and will be televised on Spike TV.

Time to make your picks for a chance to win some stuff!

Make your picks (posting them in the comment section) and the person/people with the most correct selections will win any one of myMMA training workshops.

Please post your picks in the same order as they are listed below as it will make my job of calculating the results much easier.

Good Luck!

The UFC Fight Night for the Troops Fight Card

Melvin Guillard vs. Evan Dunham
Matt Mitrione vs. Tim Hague
Mark Hominick vs. George Roop
Pat Barry vs. Joey Beltran
Cole Miller vs. Matt Wiman
Cody McKenzie vs. Yves Edwards
DaMarques Johnson vs. Mike Guymon
Mike Brown vs. Rani Yahya
Waylon Lowe vs. Willamy Freire
Charlie Brenneman vs. Amilcar Alves
Will Campuzano vs. Chris Cariaso

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Jumping rope is a great exercise for boxers, kickboxers and MMA’ers. Actually it’s a useful drill for athletes of any sport where improved co-ordination, conditioning and footwork would be beneficial.

At times, the exercise can seem a little repetitive, especially when done daily as part of a workout routine. Mixing in different motions and tricks can spice things up and offer even more of a challenge.

Over the years I made sure that anytime I came across a new trick with the jump rope, I’d spend the time to learn it so that I could incorporate it into my training as soon as possible.

Here’s one of 18 that I teach within my new MMA QuickStart Training Program.

Try it out and let me know what you think…

Check out this story of a man who overcame adversity only to be shut out of pro MMA. 😉

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I couldn’t sleep last night!

Countless thoughts rushed through my head for hours on end; about the upcoming fight, the weigh-ins today and a bunch of other stuff. Sometimes I really hate how over-analytical my brain is. Great for some things but bad for others, I always over think –to say the least– the things that interest me and under think many other things regardless if they are important or not. I guess I just want to see Spencer to do very well tomorrow. He definitely deserves it.

With Spencer still having to cut about five pounds this morning, he, Eric, Reggie and I hit the workout room. After a few rounds on the pads Spencer broke a good sweat and begin to cut some water weight. We ended up doing pad work for a while, this time with Spencer wearing MMA gloves so that he and I could get used to the change in punching range and the increased hand speed that comes with wearing 4 ounce gloves instead of the much bigger types.

Following that, we headed to the gym next door to cut the final three or four pounds.

After spending equal amounts of time running on the treadmill, sitting in the sauna and burning up inside another “mummy” wrap –we covered him in towels from head to toe to keep the heat in– he got it done.

Checking the scale it read 156.6 lbs!

He was pretty drained after it all but somehow still remained in a good mood. By the time he steps on the scale –in a few hours– in front of the rabid fight fans at the UFC Fan Expo his weight should be right on the money.

We rushed back to our hotel just in time to meet up with the other fighters and catch the shuttle to the venue where the weigh-in was taking place. It seems that the way the roads are in London, it takes an incredibly long time to get anyplace by car. It took us at least thirty minutes to arrive at our destination even though the place wasn`t that far in terms of distance.

We entered the building through a back door which placed us someplace behind a curtain that led to the main stage. A bunch of chairs were lined up for the fighters, their corner men and UFC staff to use. A large television screen was in place so that we all could see what was happening on the main stage.

As we were taking our seats, Dana White was on stage addressing a huge crowd during a Q & A period at the UFC fan expo. Some people asked really good, thought provoking questions while a few others were shamelessly begging for free tickets to the upcoming event; it was entertaining and a little bit annoying at the same time. What`s for certain is that Dana has really become masterful in answering MMA and UFC related questions. He did an awesome job.

Immediately after Dana left the stage, they wasted little time as Joe Rogan blasted the crowd with an energetic introduction of the UFC’s biggest names. His list included Dana White of course, match maker Joe Silva, Bruce Buffer, Mike Goldberg and several others. After that, each fighter weighed in, flexed to the crowd and then positioned themselves for their pre-fight stare down. Being the second fight on the card, Spencer weighed in early. 155lbs! He made it and we were all very excited and relieved that one hurdle had been overcome; in just under six weeks he had managed to drop from one hundred and eighty three pounds to one hundred and fifty-five pounds. Wow!

[jwplayer mediaid=”4291″]

Immediately he downed a monstrous bottle containing gatorade powder mixed with water to replenish himself. Once we got back to our hotel, a large group of us travelled together to a Brazilian Steakhouse for dinner. Last time I was at one of those restaurants was during my trip to Brazil back in the summer of 2004 and being at this one reminded me of how much I had loved it back then. From the fried bananas to the endless amounts of barbecued meat that the servers had brought to us throughout the evening, it was all really good. Spencer ate a bit too much over a short period of time and ended up not feeling very well on the trip back to our hotel.

Spencer and his wife Emily, who had arrived in London earlier today, went to sleep a few hours ago. Eric and I travelled down the street to the same pub –called the Hammersmith Ram– that we hung out at a few days earlier. With the fight’s coming up tomorrow, I drank one glass of coke and we stuck around the place for about an hour or so. There was free wireless internet access there, so Eric took advantage of that with his IPhone.

Back at the hotel now, I’m typing in the dark and ready to get some sleep.

Tomorrow is the big day! I’m so excited that I`m smiling as I type this.

Good night!

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