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A Long Jog, Boxing on the Mitts and some BJJ training

Woke up today feeling pretty well rested, although the memory of another Scrabble beating from my wife was still fresh in my mind. Man I suck at things other than fighting. My wife always mentions the fact that my ability to fix broken things around the house is pretty much nonexistent. I usually reply by telling her that my skill set would be put to good use if anyone every breaks in but she doesn’t find that very funny for some unknown reason.

Spencer woke up with the desire to go for a five mile run. Shouting from the top of the staircase he asked me if I wanted go with him. Now I really haven’t run long distance for over six years because of a small tear in my meniscus –which is in my knee– that sometimes seizes up and causes me to start limping in the middle of a run. With my new shoes and my conditioning feeling pretty good I decided to go. We took a smile drive and arrived at the place where we would start the run. It was a nice spot; a long jogging trail that continually led us through heavily treed areas which was a nice change from the paved sidewalks I used to run so often back home. The good news is that my knee held up for the entire run, although it was a little sore walking down stairs after getting home. The even better news is that Spencer found two dollars on the ground while we were running and threw it over to me to keep. Making money while running; pretty cool 🙂

Mid-day Spencer and I hit up the gym to do some training. Four rounds on the hand mitts is what I started with for Spencer. His hands are looking shaper all the time as his conditioning level increases and the two of us get used to training with one another. After the mitt work we hit the mats and focused on some very important ground fighting positions. I then sat out and watched Spencer roll with a few of his guys, shouting in small instructions every once and a while. The great thing about training Spencer is that the guy listens and tries to pull of everything that I’m asking him to try. That’s really a coach’s dream; a person that trains hard, has a lot of experience and skill but yet is willing and looking to try and learn new ways of doing things. I’ve also learned a lot from him as well through watching and seeing how he likes to do things in training.

The rest of my night was fairly uneventful. After a visit to the grocery store, I’m here at the house now just lying around before I get some sleep…

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UFC 124 (Montreal, Quebec) ROAD TRIP!!!!

Join me and hundreds of excited fight fans on Roger Singh’s UFC 124 (December 11th) Bus Trip to Montreal, Quebec.

I’ll be on board as a fighter guest for the trip to the bell center and will be giving away some free t-shirts, free memberships to Joslin’s MMA and signed UFC pics as well.

This awesome road trip package includes: a 400 level ticket, the bus trip from Hamilton to Montreal, a one night stay at the Sheraton Hotel occupies 4 to a room for $400 or for $500 occupies two a room.

For more information or to get tickets contact me by email at

See you on the bus!

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Testing Out the New Beginner MMA Program

It’s just after twelve o’clock noon and I’m sitting in bed not doing very much. I woke up around an hour ago, talked with my wife and Debbie, a lady who works at Joslin’s MMA and really helps me out with many, many things at the martial arts school. It sounds as though things are going alright back home.

I’m going to head upstairs and grab some food then I think I’m going to start testing out some of the workouts for my upcoming MMA QuickStart ( Program. I need to time them and make sure that they last an hour or so each. Plus, I will change and adjust each workout so that they are challenging and as fun! With a bunch of them to test, before launch date, I better get at it…

Lying in bed now after talking with the wife for a while, I really didn’t do too much today other than test out that lesson #1 of my training program. The workout lasted around 55 minutes and had me pretty sweaty. It was weird being coached by myself through the shadow fighting MP3 files but I kind of liked the fact that I didn’t have to think, only listen and follow along with the instructions.

I’m getting tired so I guess it’s back to bed for the night. Goodnight…

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Pacquiao vs Margarito HBO 24/7

I always love watching behind the scenes footage especially video shot during boxing, kickboxing or MMA training sessions. Over the years I’ve used those types of videos for motivation and have also picked up many different techniques and training strategies through watching them.

Here’s the HBO 24/7 promoting the upcoming fight between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

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MMA Mittwork & Mixed Martial Arts Training in the Wilderness

Damn. My wife kicked my ass again at Scrabble. I thought I had her beat when I came out strong in the beginning but it didn’t last. I did get over 300 points though so that was pretty good. I think.

Spencer and I arrived at the gym a little later than normal due to the fact that a new yoga class was placed in the schedule at the fitness gym where Spencer’s Evolution MMA is located. Spencer blasted through a few rounds of shadowboxing and then worked extremely hard during four 5 minute rounds on the hand pads. We’ve been working on the body shot, some quick high percentage combinations and a few sneaky techniques that are great to use when the opponent is pressed up against the cage. One of those techniques, the spinning back fist is a personal favourite of mine. Unfortunately I’ve never really landed it in MMA competition. I threw it at Koscheck one time and missed because I was slightly out of range. I’ve landed often in training over the years and have been hit by a few of them myself so I know how much the spinning back fist hurts. It would be insane and super cool if Spencer is able to land it during his fight.

For our evening training session we –Spencer, myself and a few of his students– mixed things up a bit, training across the street from Spencer’s house, in the park. It worked out well since the weather was great and we used the baseball fencing as our cage. Spencer and I both threw on our big gloves and drilled a bunch of techniques back and forth, sharing many different ideas and techniques that we both like to use. He’s got some really cool Muay Thai technique that he’s picked up during his travels to Thailand and other places. I’ll be adding most of that stuff to my own game that’s for sure.

At the end of the technique practice, I ran our small group through one of the body weight routines I used to use to prepare for my fights. We did one intense round that lasted just over five minutes and everyone was pretty tired considering we had already trained for over an hour.

Finally, I held the hand mitts for several rounds while Spencer’s wife Emily hit them repeatedly. The girl can punch!  After we spent some time working on her fighting stance along with some basic rotational stuff and leverage details, I could feel her hit harder and harder with each minute that passed. Gotta love a quick learner like her when you’re a coach.

After training we are all really hungry, so we went out to eat at a German restaurant. I chose a turkey sandwich with some really cool sides –I forget the name of them right now– and downed a beer after selecting it from the massive selection of choices the restaurant had to offer. Having drank next to no alcohol in the last year, I felt its effects pretty quickly.

I’m about to go to sleep right now and with no training booked for tomorrow I think I might just sleep in for a little bit…

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Joe & I after some training...

Nope last night was no different. My wife totally beat my ass at scrabble!

Jumping out of bed this morning, I quickly got ready for the early training session only to realize that I was woke up an hour too early. That kind of sucked but it’s my own fault since my watch is on Iowa time, but my computer and cell phone are still showing the time it is back home in Hamilton. Eventually we hit the gym for a ground work training session. Once again we covered the very important aspect of passing the guard. I showed a few warm-up motions that helps to develop guard passing skill then we drilled a few specific techniques useful for passing the guard in mixed martial arts action. Afterwards we rolled for around six rounds with everyone switching partners between each.

It took me a little while to warm up to the point when the soreness in my arms and legs seem to disappear. Yesterday I hit the weights for the first time in a while and I am already feeling it; tomorrow will probably be even worse. As a trainer at the gym, I get to tan for free so I I’ve been taking advantage of that fact and have darkened my pasty self a little bit.

For lunch we went to a Mongolian Grill, which had became one of my favourite types of restaurants a few months back after I first visited one near home. The food was really good and pretty cheap. I think I only spend around eight bucks which wasn’t too bad. Actually, the pricing of food around this area is very reasonable; much cheaper than the prices back home. I think I’m going to take a quick nap before the evening training session which begins in a few hours….

After sitting around for a few hours, and saying goodbye to Justin and Jason Reinhardt before they left to make the trek back home and then on to Utah for some high elevation training –to acclimate themselves for Jason’s upcoming WEC fight is taking place high about sea level in Denver–, we headed back to the gym. With us we brought another one of Spencer’s friends and training partners, “Jiu-Jitsu” Joe Pearson. A Great guy with a ton of fight experience, Joe was very fun to roll with. Throughout his pro career –record of 34-17-1– Joe has won a lot of  his fights by triangle choke and was one of the physically strongest 145 pounders I’ve trained with. Obviously I kept an eye out for any triangle attempts he made when we rolled. Afterwards I shared a few of my favourite techniques with him  and then we ended up talking for a long while. It’s always great training with new people and even better training with new and cool people. Joe Pearson is one of those guys.

After class, we rushed home and grabbed a great dinner that Spencer’s wife Emily made for us. Once I was done eating, I headed back downstairs and right now I’m in the middle of watching “The Last Samurai”. My wife will be calling me back in a few minutes via Skype –it’s free!– and then she’s giving me a rematch at online scrabble. Hopefully I’ll do better than I did last night. I’ll let you know how it goes…

P.S I’m heading back to home for 3 days next weekend and I’m really looking forward to seeing my kids, my wife and spending the two nights in my bed. After that it’s back here to begin the two hardest weeks of training camp.

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Top 50 Boxing KO’s of all Time!

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A video with the greatest boxing knockouts of all time. Enjoy!

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Last night I ended up watching Repo man which turned out to be a pretty good movie. Had a good talk with my wife Corene and it seems like the stress back home was a little less than it was the day before which was good to hear. Being so far away from home has left me unable to help her out or even talk with here as much as I normally would. It’s pretty frustrating at times.

This morning I woke up and grabbed what has become my usual breakfast: Some protein powder that was quickly mixed into a glass of water and a banana smeared with peanut butter. We then jetted over to the gym where I held pads for Spencer. After working through our many of our regular combinations, we started to bring some kicks and knees into the mix. His hands looked really sharp today and his uppercut had a powerful pop to it. I hope he can pull that punch off in the fight as it will be game over for his opponent if he does.

After all the punching we drilled a few fundamental takedowns that can be applied either in the center of the cage or up against the fence. I really think Spencer can beat this kid on the feet and on the ground. It’s going to be interesting to see how it all plays out come fight time.

About an hour or so ago, we drove to McDonalds for a sweet tea. It was without a doubt the busiest McDonalds I’ve ever been too in my entire life. Located across from a high school, there must have been a hundred and fifty people in there. After stepping inside the restaurant and noticing the horde of people within, we quickly decided not to wait it out. Funny thing was, on the way out Spencer walked up to the drive-in window and tried to place an order ahead of the fifteen or so cars that were waiting in the line-up. Even better was that the girl behind the glass took his order and passed him his two drinks. It was too funny!

I’m lying in bed now on the computer. In a few hours we’re going back to Pena’s Davenport Boxing Club to train. I’m definitely looking forward to it…

It’s late at night and I just got back from eating some steak and a baked potato at the Outback restaurant. Earlier Spencer and I once again trained at the Davenport Boxing Club. We did some Shadowboxing, heavy bag work and I’ll also spent some time working with a strange type of  bag designed to improve your head movement. What the small bag –probably the size of a fist– does is swing back and forth, forcing you to move your head side to side in order to evade it. In between head movements I fired out specific punch combinations depending on which side my head was ended up on. Spencer did a few rounds on the pads with one of the gym’s trainers and one of the fighters was nice enough to ask us if we wanted to run some stairs with the team after training. What was also cool was that Mr. Pena, the founder of the gym decades ago, shared with us some really cool stories about his life in boxing including a really funny part about the time he was a pro wrestler.

I’ve been doing so much training over the little while; it feels as though I’ve dropped about 20 friggin pounds. Checking the scale last night I weighed 195 lbs. Not that much difference from the weight I was when I first got here but I’ve definitely burned some fat and rebuilt some muscle.

I just figured out how to play scrabble online so I think I’m now going to give my wife a call to see if she wants to battle me online in a game. She has the damn game on her iphone and after playing so often, she seems to kick my ass every time we play. Hopefully tonight will be different…

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There’s lots of stuff going on back home that’s been stressing both me and my wife out a bit. It must be tough for her to be home alone doing all that needs to be done and taking care of both our kids by herself. Man I hate fighting with her over the phone when I’m so far away. It really sucks!

I decided to send her some flowers so I called home to Hamilton to set up a delivery to her at work tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes.

This morning Spencer focused mostly on conditioning and explosiveness during his conditioning routines. I on the other hand had a massage booked. It’s been a long time since I had one it was worth the money. I had a little bit of a headache afterwards but it seems to be going away now.

For lunch we had some sandwiches at Spencer’s house while we all watched a little bit of TV. I also managed to stop by the super market a few hours ago so I’ve stocked up on some food of my own, which will make things easier for me since I keep most of it down here in the basement with me. It feels kind of weird constantly having to go into someone elses fridge to grab food; the fact that I have my own groceries will fortunately help me do less of that. In a few hours we’re hitting the gym for a jiu-jitsu practice. I’ll probably focus on controlling the mount a little more as well as having everyone work on another way to move from the side mount into the mount position.

It’s been tough to find time to do it but I’m going to try and work on my upcoming MMAQuickStart training program. The videos are already done –over 125 of them–, now I just have to test out the workouts to make sure that they are as fun as they can be and make sure that they each last for an hour or so. I’m super excited about launching the program as it will instantly give people a chance to learn mixed martial arts in the comfort of their own home. No partner is needed, no special equipment; just some space and a desire to learn.

Off I go…

We just got in from our evening training session. Once again I had Spencer and the team focused on groundwork. We worked on MMA guard passing tonight. I taught a few basic ways that I like to use to control the bottom person when I’m in their guard, avoiding their up kicks and dishing out some punishment in the process. Following this we worked a killer way to open the guard and pass it into side control. Once everyone had a good grasp of every movement, Spencer and three other fighters took turns working with each other to “Pass the Guard”. I had them work that positional drill until the end of class. At the end of it all everyone was pretty tired out.

Midway through the training, I received a text from my wife thanking me for the flowers. She must have called to because her work number was displayed on my cell phone. I haven’t spoken to her yet but I will sometime later before I get some sleep. I’ll probably grab some food right now and maybe watch a movie from Spencer’s vast DVD collection…

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I have had the damn thing in the closet for 3 years and have never got to wear it. A black genuine Ninja suit –from a martial arts supplier not a costume store– with everything I need to look the part aside from any dangerous weapons of course. For some reason or another I never got the chance to bust it out for the last two Halloweens but this year things were different.

Last night, since it was October 31st, I threw on my Ninja gear so that the kids and I could take pictures together with our costumes on. My daughter Kaiya was dressed up as a beautiful queen, my son Tayzen a masked gangster. We got some pretty good pics, one of which my wife already threw up as her profile pic on face book which is a little embarrassing but whatever.

Anyways, as I was about to change back into my regular clothes when my daughter, who I was about to take out so that she could trick or treat around the neighborhood for a few hours, told me that I looked awesome and asked if I would wear the outfit outside as we stormed house to house in search of candy. I said that I would but felt a wave of nervousness pass through my body as the words left my mouth. I guess walking the streets in Ninja Mode was a little out of my comfort zone. The fact that it was still light out didn’t help much either. Regardless, I took it as a person challenge and as a competitor I took the first few steps out the front door with Kaiya’s pillowcase in hand.

Once on the street, we hit the first house. When the young girl came out to give my daughter a handful of candy, I let out a huge laugh. I think she thought I was laughing at her costume but that wasn’t the case at all. I laughed because I felt like an idiot being dressed up like I was when no one else was really out with their costumes on yet. After that awkward moment we moved on with our journey.

As it got a little darker, I began to relax a bit. That`s when my daughter and I began to really have some fun.

“This is my favourite holiday Daddy!” she told me at one point during the night, face smiling as she looked down into her hands that were filled with a small mountain of candy that some lady had just given her.

Throughout the night I received a few compliments on my costume from some 7th or 8th graders which made me feel pretty cool, and a few people screamed “Ninja!” as they drove by. At one point, I think some chubby father actually tried to pick a fight with me as well.

Stopping beside me with a large masked friend of his beside him, as his daughter and my daughter trick or treated the same house, he spoke.

“Remember when I punched you out?” he said to me.

“No, I think that was my cousin.” I quickly replied in a joking manner, my face still fully cloaked inside my ninja hood.

“No,no,no. It was you. I recognize those eyes.” he said before pausing for a moment. “Yes, I think I punched out your parents too.”  he continued, his friend commenting to him something about him being mean.

A quick vision of his daughter witnessing her father being smacked around by what appeared to be a real ninja made me realize that subduing the man wouldn’t be the best move.  How could a child ever forget that? I didn’t say another word. I simply smiled underneath my mask and headed on my way once my daughter was beside me again.

Arriving home a few hours later, we entered our house after passing by the awesome pumpkins that my wife had meticulously carved the day before. Our hands were absolutely freezing but my daughter was so happy. She had filled up two bags with candy on the trip and in a few seconds all of it was in the middle of our living room floor. I even got to eat of few of the things she didn`t like. Not a bad deal at all.

A hour of so later my son got in from the Halloween adventure that he had with a few of his friends from the neighborhood. He did pretty good as well.

Next year, I`ll be working on getting the wife to dress up with us on Halloween. That`s going to be tough. I look forward to the challenge!

Here’s a few pics of the pumpkins my wife carved into jack-o-lanterns.

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