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Mr. Alvino Pena and myself at the Davenport Boxing Club

Finally! I awoke feeling way better today.

We hit the gym a little later than the 9AM start time of the kickboxing class. Immediately Spencer got to it, doing a few shadowboxing rounds before I slapped on the hand mitts and put him through four intense 5 minute rounds. I also had him work one of my personal favourite drills: Rolling/weaving under a jump rope, that was tied off onto something and raised up high by me, over and over again for a minute and a half straight. The drill progressed so that he was ripping off hooks and straight left hands in the midst of his head movement. As a fighter, I love and hate that drill because it is great for defense and offense but so tough on the thighs due to the constant up and down squatting motion.

After the workout we hit a Thai restaurant where i grabbed what has become a regular dish for me, the Tom Yum noodles with chicken. At least I think that’s what it was called.

After that we drove a little bit to get to a local hunting store. I can’t recall the name but the place was rammed with gun, bows, crossbows, camouflage suits, fake deer and ducks, and tons of other cool things. Spencer was like a kid would be in a candy store and it’s obvious how much the guy enjoys hunting. I took a few pics of some huge deer heads on the wall and even cooler was the skin and head of a giant tiger that someone had hunted some time ago. You wouldn’t catch me out hunting tigers, seems a little too dangerous. I’ll stick to fighting inside cages 🙂

The last training session of the day was different than what we hadn’t done up to this point.  Spencer and visited a local boxing gym called the Davenport Boxing Club, The place was established way back in the 1960’s and is run by Mr. Alvino Pena. The place was great! Mr. Pena put his athletes through many tough rounds of shadowboxing, heavy bag work and mitt work and was nice enough to let Spencer and I jump into the mix. After some hard training I was really tired but every time I felt Mr. Pena’s eyes on me I was instantly charged up to work harder and harder. It was obvious right from the beginning that the man deserved every bit of respect that his students so avidly showed him throughout the training session. I’m guessing, by his obvious dedication to his crew of young fighters, that he’s probably hasn’t missed many classes throughout the decades.

I’m going to hit the store to grab some food then it’s off to bed after talking with the wife. Tomorrow is jiu-jitsu class and then I’m getting a massage that I booked earlier today. I’m excited about that for sure!

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I just wanted to congratulate all of my students who competed in the Grappler’s Quest tournament this weekend in London, Ontario. Great job guys!

When the smoke cleared and the tournament was over, we ended up taking home a pile of medals. In total I believe the numbers were 6 gold medals, 5 silver, 4 bronze medals and one fourth place finish.

  • Shane Callaghan – 2 Golds
  • Wyatt Leblanc – Gold
  • Mike Hoad – Gold
  • Joe Martin– Gold,Silver
  • Michelle Fulton– Gold
  • Dave Mark- Silver
  • Cory Dunne– Silver
  • Rudy Sbranchella– Silver
  • Ryan Dickson– Bronze,Bronze
  • James Long – Silver,Bronze
  • Eric Dufresne – Bronze
  • Lam Ngo– 4th place

(I think I have all of the results in. If I missed anyone please let me know.)

It’s great to see everyone’s hard work paying off. Also I’m loving the new BJJ schedule and am fired up about now being able to teach more gi classes than ever before.

See everyone on the mats tomorrow night!

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Happy Halloween!

I’m not dressing up this year since I don’t have any parties to go to. Instead, I’m going to spend tomorrow with the wife and kids, taking them –the kids that is– out to trick or treat and spending some time hanging out by my door so that I can hand out candy to the ton of kids that seem to live around here.

I do have a genuine ninja suit that is begging to get thrown on so maybe I will dress up and answer my doorbell with that thing on. Even better I could hide in my bushes and jump out ninja style and scare some kids. I’ll have to give this some thought but don’t worry I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Woke up with my head feeling a little off still. It’s weird because I don’t get any headaches, it’s more of like a painless migraine. I think it came on because of the amount of training that I’ve been doing and how often I’d be raising my heart rate in training.

Even though it’s Sunday –a day everyone here normally takes off– we decided to train. Spencer, Eric & Anthony –who are two of Spencer’s fighters– and myself hit the gym for some BJJ practice. The only session of the day, I had Spencer and the guys work on mount escapes once again. The bottom guy’s job was to escape the mount, while the top guy tried to keep tight control and land a submission. The winner stayed in and the losing guy would step out and be replaced by the third person who was waiting off to the side. We did this for quite a while and followed up with a few techniques from several other positions. I sat out and just coached from the sidelines to give my head a rest in an attempt to get back feeling normal.

At night I called home and talked with my wife and kids then jumped on the couch to watch the movie “Gladiator”. I only managed to get through half of it before I almost fell asleep.

That’s exactly what I’m going to go do now…

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Congrats to our 2  UFC 121 pick’em contest winners, each with a 8-3 pick’em record, Mike Johnston and Dally-O.  Great job guys!

I’ve sent you an email. Just let me know which workshop you’d like and I’ll set it all up.

Thanks to everyone for making your picks!

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Waking up today I’m feeling really tired. Last night was the first night I stayed up past midnight and I’m feeling it today. All the training we’ve been doing has made falling asleep way too easy. Back home I’m usually up until two or three in the morning but here I can’t seem to stay awake very long at night for some reason. Maybe I’m still adjusting to the time zone difference.

I think today I’m going to head into the gym to do a little gi training with one of Spencer’s fighters. Yes, I said Gi training! It should be fun. After that Spencer and I are going to do some hard training as well. Probably some more pad work and rolling.

I’m going to go see what time Eric wants to roll…

I’m sitting in bed right now, the day’s gone by fast and it’s around ten o’clock at night I think. Today turned out a little different than I had thought it would and I didn’t get to suit up in my gi at all. A few hours after Spencer returned from a long morning jog we decided to hit the gym. Once there we drilled a couple of techniques from side control and worked on the movements necessary to really secure the mount position well. A lot of fighters don’t like using the mount as much as side control because they sometimes find themselves getting reversed from there and even worse often end up in the bottom position. I’ve always liked the mount but feel that there are some very important details that need to be mastered before a fighter –or grappler– can feel truly confident there.

I think I’m going to spend the next week or so focusing on the mount position by sharing a lot of the details I’ve picked up over the years in training and competition.

Right now I’m really not feeling too well which kind of sucks. My head is a bit off, my eyes are feeling a little sensitive to light and I’m having slight difficulty in focusing my thoughts. I’m not sure if it’s due to the fact that I bumped my head going down the staircase yesterday or because I’m over tired. All I know is that I hope I can shake the crappy feeling with a good sleep tonight.

Speaking of sleep, I’m off to get some…

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MMA Sparring Begins…

I woke up today with a little bit of a sore shoulder. It didn’t happen here; it happened a few weeks back at Joslin’s when I was trying to pull off a hip bump sweep from my guard during training. My training partner who was about forty pounds heavier than me drove into me to stop the sweep and I felt a small click inside my shoulder. One thing that experience has taught me over the years is that if something makes a sound or feels like it clicks during training, it’s best to stop even if you don’t feel any pain at the time. Did I stop? Nope; so now I suffer with a stiff shoulder every once and a while. The good thing is that I can still train hard regardless of the discomfort.

During the daytime training session today I worked Spencer through four 5-minute rounds on the hand mitts, focusing mainly on the jab but mixing in a few different body shot setups as well. He pushed through the rounds with good intensity and I can see the difference already in his conditioning level compared to last week. Come fight time, he will be a machine. That’s really the fun part about training a veteran pro fight: You know that he’s going to come to work hard every single day.

Mid-day the guys hit the weights. My shoulder was still a little bit tender so I did a few rounds of work on the heavy bag. Being here really makes me miss sparring full out; it even makes me miss getting hit in the head for some strange reason. Only a fighter would understand that statement I guess. I just have to try hard to remember how bad I felt a few years back, after my last concussion because right now I feel absolutely fine.

At night Spencer took the guys, myself included, through some great wall walking techniques that he likes to use when he’s pressed up against the cage. The movements were very slick and I’m definitely adding them to my own game after having drilled them for quite a while. After a good thirty minutes of drilling, everyone geared up for some heavy stand-up sparring –big glove style– rounds. Ten rounds later, it was time to hit the showers and head home.

Around 10:30 pm, the Reinhardt brothers, Justin and Jason invited me out to get some food. We hit up an Appleby’s where I grabbed a big, juicy and spicy burger. It was good! Afterwards we headed over to Monty Cox’s house so that Jason, who is fighting in the WEC in a few weeks, could sign the necessary paperwork to close the fight deal. It took a little longer than we had thought so we ended up staying there for over an hour. Eventually we hit the road to head back to Spencer’s place.

This is the point when things become not very fun.

Looking down at the fuel gauge we realized that we were nearly out of gas which wasn’t that big of a deal until our GPS system kept leading us back to a road that was closed for some reason or another. So we had to start guessing our way through an unlit area outside of town, our car running on fumes with no clue as to where a gas station would be. Fortunately we got lucky and ran into a highway that the guys found vaguely familiar. Ten minutes later, and really just in time, we found a gas station where we filled up and grabbed a few drinks. After that we managed to make it back to Spencer’s house, arriving sometime around 3:30 in the morning.

It’s now fifteen minutes to four and it’s good to be in bed…

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Josh Neer shows some takedown tricks

Not wanting to miss another training session I set my blackberry alarm for eight o’clock this morning and it did a good job in waking me up from a deep sleep. Still feeling a little under the weather, I headed to the gym with Spencer for some jiu-jitsu training.

I started the workout off with a fun way to warm up. I picked it up from Royce Gracie when he visited my martial arts school a while back. What I did was have everyone roll with one each other without any resistance. Instead of worrying about control, submissions or being overly technical the goal is simply to keep moving for the entire round. It’s tough to do since most people tend to resist falling into bad situations but when done right, the non-stop action is great for getting the heart rate up and prepping the body for training. After that I had everyone do a drill where both they and their partner work together while rolling to see how many times they can score submissions. It’s up to one student to lock on the submissions while the other guy tries to feed himself into as many of them as he/she can. The students with more experience usually get a much higher submission count than the newest guys but it’s a fun drill for everyone doing it.

For the drilling portion of the lesson, I showed the guys some more ways to dominate from side control which they all drilled for ten minutes or so. After that it was live rolling for three 10 minute rounds. I jumped into the mix rolling with Spencer, Jason Reinhardt and UFC/Bellator Veteran Josh Neer who is visiting to help Spencer prepare for his fight. It was some great training!

That wasn’t all. A few carloads of us headed to the local high school stadium for a cardio workout afterward all that Jiu-Jitsu. Thirty minutes later, the morning session was completed. I was tired, hungry, thirsty and my legs were on fire. With the training day half way through, we’re hitting the mats again several hours later for some MMA technique and rolling with the small gloves –4 ounce– on. That should be fun. I’m going to try and grab an hour or so of rest after I make a few phone calls…

Well, night training went well. Josh Neer ended up teaching an awesome sequence of takedowns that can be applied when you have your opponent pressed up into the cage. We practiced them for a while and then did several rounds of rolling. I ended up coming out of that training session with a bunch of new tricks that I will definitely be putting to use right away.

Talking with a few people back home, it sounds as though things are going well there. It’s going to be very tough to be away from my family and students for so long. I’ll be heading back home for a couple of days near the end of this month for our seminar with Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles. It’ll be great to see everyone that’s for sure.

I’m off to bed, tomorrow we kickbox!

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I had a brutal sleep last night, still feeling pretty crappy due to the cold.

The Nine o’clock in the morning group lesson was focused on kickboxing. That is after it took us quite a while to get to the gym. We had a funny thing happen to use on the way there when Spencer’s car ran out of gas. With the gym supposedly being not very far away and his students waiting for us to show up, we –Spencer, Josh Neer (who is visiting for a few day) and myself- decided to run there with our gear in hand. The only problem was that I had friggin sandals on! So there’s me, trying to keep up with Spencer and Josh while my sandals are flopping around the entire time during a run that turned out to be way longer than I had expected. Good times!

Arriving at the gym, which lies inside a huge fitness gym, we wasted no time as Spencer started off the class by showing some great kickboxing combinations to the team. Afterwards I broke down the basics of punching with power for everyone focusing mainly on the cross and the hook. Everyone hit the gym after class for some weight training and hit the road for a run after that was done. I totally did not feel up to running so I just sat around until they were all done. Lunch was next as Eric, the Reinhardt –Jason & Justin– brothers and I headed to a local Thai restaurant. It was pretty damn good!

Jason Reinhardt –and his brother– just made the three hour drive from his hometown to join in on our training camp. He just got word that he’ll be fighting on an upcoming WEC card against one on China’s best fighters. I forget the guys name but I think he’s undefeated out there. With not much time until the fight, Jason’s ramped up his training and will be looking to bust his butt to get into fight shape. Both he and his bro seem like really good guys; it’s definitely good to have them here with us.

Later in the day I fell asleep. Spencer and the guys couldn’t wake me for the five o’clock sparring session. I woke up disappointed that I missed training but decided to use the time to get some rest in the hopes of shaking this sickness. I’m going to give the wife a call right now and then I’m going back to sleep. Jiu-Jitsu is in the morning so hopefully a good night’s rest will get me back to normal.

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MMA training must go on…

I woke up feeling pretty bad this morning. My throat had an itch in it and my energy level is feeling pretty low as well.

We hit the gym for the first training session of the day at nine o’clock in the morning. A jiu-jitsu session where I taught a few details on how to tightly secure side control and move into the mount while putting a massive amount of pressure on the opponent’s head. Still not feeling well, I sat out on the rolling part of class as well as the training afterwards when Spencer and his crew did some very tough conditioning exercises outdoors in front of the gym. Medicine ball tosses, box jumps, sled pulls and a lot, lot more. I was have trouble breathing through my nose and really didn’t want to make it worse or get anyone else -especially Spencer– sick.

Everyone I’ve met around here that trains martial arts seems to have had some fighting pro or amateur experience. That’s very strange to me since MMA fighting has not been allowed back home in Ontario until very recently. I’d say that a very small percentage of Ontario martial artists have fought in mixed martial arts competition but down here it’s the exact opposite. With fight cards being held here all the time, in bars, strip clubs, arenas and many other places, there is no shortage of opportunities for a fighter that’s looking to to test his or her skill in MMA competition. I’m not sure how much money is being made in those fights, but it’s reality based fighting experience none the less. The fact that so many great fighters –including 3 or 4 UFC Champs– came out of this part of the country tells of how fighting is firmly embedded into the area’s culture.

By the time the evening came around I was feeling a bit better and decided to jump into some MMA rolling rounds — with 4-ounce gloves– with the guys after we all practiced some of my favourite ways to ground and pound a downed opponent. The cold I have definitely took it’s toll as I was pretty tired after four 5 minute rounds. After class that we headed home and I went directly to bed in an effort to shake this sickness and get back to normal.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day…

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