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Came across this great video compilation of some highlight from K1 World Max and had to share it…Some super nice knockdowns in it! Enjoy…

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It was a great 3 days back home. I got to see my friends at Joslin’s and do a great seminar with Ruben’s “Cobrinha” Charles. I spent most of my free time with my wife and kids. I finally got to watch the season finale of “True Blood” which is a show that my wife and I had been watching every Sunday night. She recorded the final episode a few weeks ago, right after I had left to coach at Spencer Fisher’s training camp so I had to wait until this past weekend to watch it with her. It was a lot of fun.

Last Sunday night I also had a great time back home when I took my son and daughter to the Playdium to play a ton of video games and other fun stuff. It was pretty awesome and the kids had so much fun! I look forward to when I see them all again in mid-october.

Now, back in Iowa, begins the hardest training of the training Camp. This morning Spencer did over seven hard 5-minute rounds on the pads and that’s only the beginning.  Lots more going on but I really can’t share too much detail about it all. Things are going very well and I’m excited for fight time that’s for sure.

I’ll keep you updated

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Back for 3 days from Iowa for the Ruben’s “Cobrinha” Charles at my martial arts school, day one of the seminar went great! Cobrinha showed some awesome sweep from the sit up guard and had everyone work on several omaplata attacks after that. Cobrinha’s omaplata is insane, tough to escape and ultra tight. It’s always great to learn details regarding someone’s most dangerous attacks.

After 2 hours of drilling techniques we hit the mats to roll. An hour later, everyone was tired and smiling from the great experience they had at the seminar. Tomorrow is the no-gi seminar which I know will be excellent as well. Details is where it’s at and Cobrinha does a fantastic job of explaining the tiniest of details when he teaches BJJ.

I’ll let you know how it goes…


Boxing – An Inspirational Video!

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My student Ryan sent me a link to this video and after watching it, I just had to share it with you.

Check it out and let me know what ya think…

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Warning: This Video contains profanity

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Josh Neer, Me & Spencer

Well, after arriving over a week ago, things have been going great here.

Training’s been tough, the  gym is great and the people are as well.

UFC/Bellator Vet Josh Neer came down to join the crew and help Spencer make his preparations for UFC 120.

I’ve been eating really healthy myself and back training 2 or 3 times per day has gotten me into pretty good shape already.

Everything else is top secret!

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks at Joslin’s MMA as we’ve been preparing for September, adding a bunch of new classes to our training schedule and getting everything ready to go for the new month of training. I’m really excited about the new schedule as it will allow me to work with my students more than ever before.

In the midst of the preparation I was presented with a very exciting opportunity…

A few weeks back UFC fighter Spencer Fisher contacted me to see if I would be interested in being the coach for his next training camp. My job would be to help him prepare for his next battle inside the UFC octagon which will take place in October. I’ve always loved watching Spencer fight as he brings a great set of skills and a high level of intensity into the cage. He also comes to fight hard and goes for the finish during every one of his bouts. I was very excited about working with him so after talking with my family and students I decided to make the trip.

I’m here now, in Bettendorf, Iowa, staying with Spencer. The setup is great and the people here are too. I won’t be sharing any detail about the training we’re doing for obvious reasons but I’ll be posting up some general updates over the upcoming weeks to let you know how things are going.

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Congratulations to the winners of the UFC 118 (Penn vs. Edgar) Pick’em contest. There were 4 of them that picked 8 bout winners correctly so they all get a free video workshop.

Congrats to Jim, Yous, Liam and Rob B! (Check your email for instructions)

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