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On Saturday night I lost my voice for a bit but before I did I was able to scream my lungs out for nearly six rounds of MMA action as two of my students battled it out inside the cage at the XCC.

In the end, both team Joslin fighters Steve Bingham and Ryan Dickson earned wins for their records, but those victories did not come without some serious challenges.

Steve battled Ryan Thomson, a very talented fighter from London, Ontario’s Adrenalin Training Center in a fight that had them both working hard, each showing some solid abilities on the feet and on the ground. A rear naked choke sealed the deal deep into the fight giving Steve the victory. I was really impressed by Steve’s toughness and composure throughout the entire bout. It was definitely a great match from start to finish that the crowd really enjoyed.

Ryan Dickson took on Josh Taveirne, a skilled fighter from Windsor, Ontario I believe. He had an 8-1 record and it was obvious that he was coming in with great confidence and some very solid wrestling skills. Ryan did great! Scoring some strong take downs, several nice strikes and a tight triangle choke just before the bell sounded to end round two, I really felt that if the fight went to a decision he’d get the nod. Fortunately it didn’t last that long. Midway through the third round Ryan took his opponent down, passed the guard, secured a tight mount and worked his way into applying a rear naked choke that forced his opponent to tap out.

After that I could barely speak — due to all the yelling I did from the corner — but it was all worth it. I was so happy to see all the hard work that Steve and Ryan had put into their training, pay off inside the cage. A bunch of people from Joslin’s and friends of both Ryan and Steve made the three hour trip to cheer the guys on. Thanks to you all for coming out!

Time to train hard for the next one…

Here’s a vid posted by CanadianProFighter on Youtube of Ryan’s Fight. (If they post up Steve’s I’ll throw it up as well)

Part 1

Part 2

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Recently Hamilton Spectator reporter Jeremy Grimaldi stopped by to experience mixed martial arts training first hand. We entered the kickboxing ring at Joslin’s martial arts and I immediately put him to work ; One on one training, for nearly an hour straight starting with some basic punching and kicking techniques then progressing on to all of the other aspects of MMA including take downs, chokes and arm locks. When it was all over I must say that Iwas very impressed with Jeremy’s  work ethic and enthusiasm.

A few days later Jeremy wrote a cool article covering that first training experience and the sport in general. All the recent exposure that MMA has received in Ontario after becaming legal has caused many people to voice their opinions on the subject. Not surprisingly, there is still plenty of resistance towards the sport of mixed martial arts and it’s recent legalization in the province in Ontario. I really think the cause lies in a lack of education and a limited understanding as to what makes up the full contact sport and why athletes would choose to participate in it.

Yes, it’s a contact sport and there are definitely dangers associated with all contact sports including hockey, football, rugby, boxing and MMA, but the track record of MMA up to this point and time has proven that it is no more dangerous than any of the other sports I just mentioned. However things can change and if somehow in the future,  fighter’s begin to sustain serious and life altering injuries than I definitely support taking another look at it all.  I really don’t see that happening but for now, MMA deserves the chance it’s been given here in Ontario. Without a doubt the sport of mixed martial arts has earned it.

What people need to realize is that what they see on television, during a professional mixed martial arts bout, is drastically different from they way people train in the sport: Big Gloves (16 ounce) gloves are worn instead of the smaller 4 ounce versions; head gear is worn, sparring is optional; tapping out keeps submission holds from ever hurting your training partners; kids never spar with contact; lessons are well structured, great for physical conditioning and a ton of fun and black eyes and other injuries are extremely rare. If training was a rough as my pro fights I would have quit training a long, long time ago.

Those reasons are why I have hundreds of male and female students of all ages (3-60+) training boxing, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, submission wrestling and mixed martial arts multiple times per week. It’s user friendly, highly addictive and more fun than you would imagine.

Here’s a link to Jeremy’s article ==> CLICK

and here’s some of the video footage from our MMA training session.

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The New Colours - (left to right) Ryan, Dana, Dallas, Me, Andrew, Kirk & Mike

Recently I awarded several students from my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team with their next belts in the ground fighting martial art. These guys looked great on the mats leading up to grading day and on the day of their testing as well. We really put them to the test and they all did awesome!

With a blue belt –the first belt after white– sometimes taking close to 2 years to earn, many people first find themselves setting a goal to one day earn their purple belt (1/2 way to black belt). I’m proud to say that in addition to the four blue belts that I awarded that day, two of my students received their purple belts on the grading day as well which is a huge achievement.

Congrats to the newest blue belts — Mike H. Dana D., Kirk S, Ryan H. — and to Dallas O. and Andrew B. on receiving their purples. Back to the mats to train hard for the next ones!

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UFC 118 – Pick’em Contest…

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UFC 118 Pick’em Contest

Some great fights coming up this weekend at UFC 118 including James Toney vs. Randy Couture as well as the rematch between BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar.

That means that it’s time to give away some more free video training workshops to the person or people that can correctly predict the most fight winners. Enter your picks in the comment section of this post and please keep your list in the same order as below to make the process of calculating the winner much easier.

Note: I was having trouble with comments last time, if you have any trouble posting please let me know through the contact form and I’ll see if I can fix it. Thanks.

Here’s the fight card…

Frankie Edgar (12-1t) vs. B.J. Penn (15-6-1)
Randy Couture (18-10) vs. James Toney (0-0)
Demian Maia (12-2) vs. Mario Miranda (10-1)
Kenny Florian (13-4)* vs. Gray Maynard (9-0)
Nate Diaz (12-5) vs. Marcus Davis (17-6)
Joe Lauzon (18-5) vs. Gabe Reudiger (17-5)
Andre Winner (11-3-1) vs. Nik Lentz (18-3-2)
John Salter (5-1) vs. Dan Miller (11-4)
Nick Osipczak (5-1) vs. Greg Soto (7-1)
Mike Pierce (12-3) vs. Amilcar Alves (11-1)

Good luck!

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Without a doubt James Toney is a slick boxer with fantastic head movement, relaxed and accurate punching, and a killer instinct. All of those assets have me really looking forward to seeing how he does inside the 32 foot octagon shaped cage this coming weekend.

Known for his devastating inside fighting and equally proficient trash talking capabilities, I really hope Toney brings some slick movement and long range techniques with him as well on the night of his UFC debut as he desperately needs to avoid being grabbed, stuffed and squished against the cage by his opponent Randy Couture. If he cannot stop Randy from doing those things, this heavyweight match-up between two combat sport legends, will be over very,very quickly.

Many eyes will be watching this weekend from both the MMA and boxing communities. It doesn’t really matter to me who wins as I have spent many years training as both an MMA’er and a boxer and enjoy both sports tremendously; I’m simply hoping for each fighter to be able to showcase their skills a bit to create a memorable fight for all combat sport fans.

That being said, I think Randy will win this one sometime in the second round by ground and pound.

Who are you picking?

Check out this vid showing some of James Toney’s great fight hightlights…

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The most common clinch in MMA is without a doubt the over/under (or 50/50) position. It usually occurs when a fighter defends the double under hook position by pummeling one of their arms inside the attacker’s arms, leaving them and their opponent with one under hook each.

A great position to score takedowns and land strikes from, it’s very important to have a solid set of techniques from this position.

Over the next little while I’ll share with you some techniques, including takedowns and striking, that I use and teach my students to apply from this common position…

Technique #1 – Knee Block Takedown

Fight Crew member Randy Chung is an amateur  MMA fighter fighting out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He represents Gracie Barra Calgary &  Mi Zong Luo Han Chinese Kickboxing and currently holds a 1-0 record. Great start so far. I look forward to seeing him fight more in the future.

Fighter’s Name:
Randy Chung

Calgary, Alberta

Gracie Barra Calgary, , Mi Zong Luo Han Chinese Kickboxing
MMA Record
1-0 Amateur 5-0 Pankration
How many years have you been training in martial arts/combat disciplines ?
19 Years
What was your first combat style?
Shotokan Karate
When getting ready for a fight what’s your training schedule like? (days per week/hours per day)
6 days per week/ 2-3 hours per day
In two words or less describe your first MMA fight
How many lbs. do you normally cut in the last month before a fight?
6-7 lbs.
.       How much do you watch MMA? (All the time/often/occasionally/almost never)
All the time!
What’s been your worst MMA related injury?
Torn ACL, MCL, Meniscus
.       Do you teach martial arts / combat discipline (ie. boxing, wrestling etc.) classes?
Volunteer in Class
Prefer the UFC or Pride Rules? –  UFC Rules
Pride Rules
Striking, ground and pound or victory by submission?
Does Mom like, hate, or doesn’t mind the fact that you’re a pro fighter?
Hates it!
Have you ever had bust out your MMA skills to defend yourself in the street (as a last resort of course)?
Just to control a stupid drunk friend

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I was recently a guest on the Bill Kelly Show on AM900 Chml to discuss the recent sanctioning of mixed martial arts in the province of Ontario.

It was an pleasure to be alongside Bill Kelly, Hamilton Mountain MPP Sophia Aggelonitis, Minister of Consumer Services and UFC VP Marc Ratner (via phone) to discuss the recent news. We covered many issues about the sport and what’s been going on behind the scenes. Here are some clips from the 1 hour show.

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6 Time World BJJ Champion Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles  is coming back to Hamilton, Ontario to teach a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seminar at Joslin’s Mixed Martial Arts.

The 2 day seminar takes place on Saturday, September 25th and Sunday September 26th, 2010 and is open to everyone!

Contact Jeff Joslin through the contact form to confirm your spot. Space is limited so be sure to register soon!


  • Saturday, September 25th, 2010 – Gi Seminar
  • Sunday, September 26th, 2010 – No-Gi Seminar

Time: 12pm-2pm and rolling time afterwards

Place: Joslin’s Mixed Martial Arts (436 Concession Street, Hamilton, Ontario)

Cost: $169 for both days, $99 for 1 day

Register online HERE or in person by visiting Joslin’s MMA (436 Concession Street, Hamilton, Ontario) or Dragan Alliance BJJ (283 Northfield Drive East, Waterloo, Ontario).

Never trained before? Check out our NEW MEMBER SPECIAL that includes:

  • Access to the “Cobrinha” Seminar : Both Days
  • 1 Free BJJ Uniform
  • 1 Month of unlimited training at Joslin’s Mixed Martial Arts

All of this for only $299 + tax (Value $380)


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On September 5th, Team Joslin’s members will be taking the battle from the mats/ring to the field for some action packed paintball.

The cost is $40 and we’ll be playing at Soldiers of Fortune Paintball that includes everything you need.

If you train at Joslin’s MMA and would like to confirm your spot, send me an email through the contact form or sign up at the gym.

We’ll be video taping the action so bring your “A” game guys.

Also I want to issue a quick warning that my son will be playing with us. I can’t seem to get him off “Call of Duty” and last time we played paintball he kicked my #*$!.

Sign up soon to confirm your spot.

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