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UFC on Versus 2 Pick’em Contest

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If you're new here and are looking to develop your MMA skills quickly, CLICK HERE to sign up for my MMA training mailing list and I'll send you a ton of training tips to help you do exactly that. You'll also receive 2 FREE EBOOKS : "Developing the KO Punch" & "MMA Training Secrets" right away.

Been really busy here lately working on something really cool which I’ll let you know more about very soon.

I just remembered that there is a UFC fight card happening tomorrow night (Sunday). That means it’s time to give away another free video workshop (click here to see’em) to the person who can make the most correct picks. Post your predictions in the comment sections and please try to keep your picks in the order listed below as it makes my job easier when calculating the winner.

Good luck!

Here’s the card…

Jon Jones vs. Vladimir Matyushenko
Mark Munoz vs. Yushin Okami
John Howard vs. Jake Ellenberger
Tyson Griffin vs. Takanori Gomi
Paul Kelly vs. Jacob Volkmann
DaMarques Johnson vs. Matt Riddle
James Irvin vs. Igor Pokrajac
Brian Stann vs. Mike Massenzio
Darren Elkins vs. Charles Oliveira
Rob Kimmons vs. Steve Steinbeiss

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Jumping rope is an awesome exercise for MMA training. Fantastic for conditioning, co-ordination and footwork it’s definitely a very important part of a fighter’s training routine.

I like to challenge myself when I’m jumping rope by busting out a bunch of different tricks and movements throughout my routines. It also keeps things fun for me.

Here’s one technique I think you should try out in your training…

The One Hand Rope Spin 360

I’m definitely looking forward to UFC 117 although I think these two headliner fights could play out in one of two different ways: Action packed from start to finish or uneventful and boring depending on how the fighters approach it.

I’m hoping that Chael Sonnen wins the belt that night by finishing Anderson Silva. What I definitely don’t want to see is Silva dancing around the cage for twenty minutes waving his arms in the air and doing his shake and bake stuff pretending to want to attack. Hopefully for the fans, he’ll be out in good form and fight hard for the entire fight.

With the Fitch/Alves, ideally we’ll see some good ground work by Fitch and some slick striking by Alves throughout in a match that ends by either KO or submission. Both guys are tough competitors and will without a doubt be ready to fight hard all three rounds.

I’m picking Sonnen and Fitch to win. Who you going with?

Here’s the promo vid for the card…

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Got a Joslin’s T-shirt?

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This pic was sent to me by a friend on twitter

Do you have one?

It doesn’t matter how old it is; in fact the older it is the cooler it is. Someone recently came into Joslin’s with a shirt from the 70’s that had my dad’s picture on the front throwing a kick. It was skin tight and so old school!

If you do have one, send me a pic with you wearing it and I’ll throw it up in our new facebook photo album called “The Joslin T-shirt – Sightings Around the World!”.  Also, be sure to include a short description of where the pic was taken.

==> Click here to visit the photo album

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Tonight I’ll be streaming Jeff Joslin MMA Live! at 10pm (est).

What’ s up for tonight?

  • A UFC Champ discussion
  • MMA Video Lesson – “Using angles to keep yourself safe”
  • A competition for a Free Video Workshop
  • MMA Story time – “Fighting a Janitor”
  • and more….

Visit the LIVE PAGE just before 10pm (est) tonight and join in on the action.

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Here’s another up & coming Fight Crew MMA Fighter. Terrence Mitchell fights out of  Frontier Vale Tudo which is located in Anchorage, Alaska. Watching his highlight video it’s easy to see that he’s got a great combination of skill, intensity and natural ability.  The trainers at Frontier, including Giovanni DeVera have obviously been doing a good job training Terrence for the last 2 years.

Keep it up guys!

Fighter’s Name:
Terrence Mitchell
Anchorage, Alaska
Frontier Vale Tudo
MMA Record
How many years have you been training in martial arts/combat disciplines ?
2 Years
What was your first combat style?
Vale Tudo
When getting ready for a fight what’s your training schedule like? (days per week/hours per day)
5 days per week/2 hours per day
In two words or less describe your first MMA fight
How many lbs. do you normally cut in the last month before a fight?
Almost nothing
.       How much do you watch MMA? (All the time/often/occasionally/almost never)
All the time!
What’s been your worst MMA related injury?
.       Do you teach martial arts / combat discipline (ie. boxing, wrestling etc.) classes?
Prefer the UFC or Pride Rules? –  UFC Rules
UFC Rules
Striking, ground and pound or victory by submission?
Does Mom like, hate, or doesn’t mind the fact that you’re a pro fighter?
Doesn’t Mind
Have you ever had bust out your MMA skills to defend yourself in the street (as a last resort of course)?
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On Sunday, August 1st I’ll be teaching a striking workshop at Joslin’s MMA. The focus? Something that will help you out in sparring immediately.

“Killer Combinations”

This 2 hour workshop will arm you with 8 of my absolute best combinations that blend punching, kicking and takedowns in some of my favourite ways. Learn how to disguise your real attack and force openings in your opponent’s defense.

Date: Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Place: Joslin’s MMA (436 Concession Street, Hamilton, Ontario)

Time: 1pm-3pm

Cost: $40 ($30 for members)

==> Be sure to bring your gloves, shin pads and the rest of your striking gear to the workshop.

To register online or for more info on upcoming workshops CLICK HERE

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I’m very excited to announce the return of my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti to the area. He’ll be teaching a seminar on August 14th, 2010.

“Instructor of the Year” award winner, Romeo “Jacare” Cavalcanti has produced too many champions to name and currently teaches at his powerhouse Alliance BJJ school in Atlanta, Georgia. One of only a few people ever to receive a black belt from the legendary Rolls Gracie, Jacare`s teaching ability, technical proficiency and attention to detail is simply amazing.

Come out and join us for a great day of BJJ training with one of the world’s best coaches. Everyone is welcome!

Date: Saturday, August 14th, 2010
Time: 11am-2pm
Place: Dragan Alliance BJJ (283 Northfield Drive East, Waterloo, Ontario)
Cost: $99

==>First 20 to register will be entered into a draw for a free private lesson with Jeff Joslin<==

Contact Jeff via the contact form to confirm you spot.

Registration can be done at either:

Dragan Alliance BJJ (283 Northfield Drive East, Waterloo, Ontario)
Joslin’s MMA (436 Concession Street, Hamilton, Ontario)

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I’m very excited to announce that Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti and Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles will both be returning to teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) seminars to members of our team.

Jacare will be teaching on August 14th, 2010 and “Cobrinha” will hit the mats to teach a two day seminar in late September.

I’ll post more info very soon…

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EA Sports MMA

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Will the upcoming EA Sports MMA video game be better than the UFC’s Undisputed 2010?

Obviously we’ll have to wait and see but I admit that I already like the fact that you don’t have to go nuts on the controller to escape and apply submissions. EA is saying it’s more of a timing thing which could end up being a pretty cool feature.

Watch the video below for some more info on the next mixed martial arts video game to hit the market.

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