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Top 10 Most Popular MMA Blog Posts

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Since starting my blog nearly 2 years ago I’ve had a ton on fun writing nearly 300 different posts; Instructional articles; posts discussing MMA events and news; video links; plus any other type of blog post I could think of.

Thanks everyone for visiting and motivating me to keep the content going.

I’ve put together a list of 10 of the most popular posts…

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Check out this video about a 9 year old boy who choked out an attacking pitbull!. His instructor says he’s been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) for nearly two months. Unbelievable bravery to react that way in such a dangerous situation. What a great story!

Here’s the news report…

Boy Stops Pit Bull Attack with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Choke! from iHookUpVegas.Com on Vimeo.

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MMA Epic Fails…

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I came across these videos on youtube which reminded me of some of the funny things that have happened in MMA.

They include double knockouts, referees falling and getting taken down, jump flying attacks and more…


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A Photo Moment…

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This is one of my favourite martial arts pictures of my son and I. He’s a great kid!  He is now so much older and much bigger than he was in this picture. It’s amazing how fast kids grow.

I find it weird that history repeats itself and that he is now having many of the same experiences that I had growing up with a father that was heavily involved in martial arts.

Being a good father to my kids is a big reason why I chose to stop fighting pro. Another concussion could have affected my future with them. It’s definitely not worth that type of  risk. Also, training two or three times a day leaves little time for the family and they really seem to like the fact that I’m home a lot more now.

I’d love to hear about your family? Do you have kids? A dog? An annoying mother-in law? (Answering the last one might get you in trouble)

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I Fixed my Laptop!

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I finally got my laptop up and running again! Sadly I felt lost without the thing.

Someone stepped on it a few weeks ago and cracked the the screen. I was able to use it for a little while by pulling all the windows and programs over to the top left corner of the screen which was somehow still working a bit.

Anyways, after waiting a few weeks for my new screen to arrive (got it on Ebay),  I couldn’t wait to get it working so I decided to give the repair job a try. What was I thinking?!

Following some instructions I found online, I took the thing apart into what was way more pieces than I had imagined. There must have been fifty screws laying on my living room floor at one point. After two hours of work I had the new screen placed where it needed to be only to find out it was the wrong #$%*(*& type! One plug wouldn’t fit!

A day later I was back on Ebay ordering another one, this time from Europe. Luckily it arrived in just a few days because my entire schedule was in that laptop and I was starting to have a hard time remembering what I had coming up on a daily basis. Inserting the new screen into the already dismantled laptop took only a few minutes but putting it back together was ridiculously difficult. After another two hours I had done it.

As I pushed the button to turn the laptop on, I was so excited! That emotion changed to disappointment and intense frustration when the screen showed only white.

Google help me!

Another search on the internet lead me to believe that the video cable attaching the screen to the motherboard was loose.  A hard push was probably all that it needed. Problem was that I had just reassembled the entire laptop!

I took the laptop apart again, tightened the video cable and reassembled the machine again in about an hour’s–my time improved because I was getting pretty damn good at it by that point– time.

It was once again time to hit…the button.

I did and it started. Even better it actually worked! If if didn’t I honestly would have begun stomping the thing into the ground.

Moral of the story? Bring your laptop to the professionals to get fixed and don’t be a cheap ass like me!

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Time For Chuck Liddell to Retire?

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There really isn’t a bigger star than Chuck Liddell in the sport of mixed martial arts.

The guy was born to fight. From his signature hair cut to his in-ring intensity and the way he carries himself outside the cage, there’s no denying that the guy is doing the job he was meant to do.

A strong wrestler that can strike, Chuck posed as a huge problem for any opponent that was brave enough to step inside the octagon with him. Those that did enter to face him, knew their mohawk sporting opponent had only one intention once the action started. It wasn’t to choke them, or armlock them or even ground and pound them into submission; Chuck was looking for the knockout! Scary and intimidating for his opposition, it was this mindset that made Chuck a huge hit with pretty much every fight fan out there.

Who didn’t like when he took out Tito Ortiz with strikes both times? I know I did!

For me it’s been really sad to see Chuck, a guy who has done so much for mixed martial arts, lose his last five of six fights. Even more bothersome is the way he’s lost those matches; KO’d or TKO’ed in four of them.  I really hope that any damage Chuck’s taken inside the cage over the years doesn’t permanently affect him in any way outside of the cage in his everyday life.

Should he retire?

I think so as it’s not worth risking the many years he has ahead of him by fighting in a sport that he has already achieved so much in.

Ultimately the choice is his and if he want to keep fighting I wish him all the best and will cheer him on each and every time he scraps. If he does retire,  there’s no questioning the fact that he will be remembered as one of the sport’s biggest stars for a very long time.

Thanks Chuck for the great fights and highlight reel knockouts over the years! You the man!

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Wow…for a card that didn’t look that great on paper, there were some awesome battles on fight night. Highlight of the night for me was seeing Crocop win by choke! You don’t get to see that too often.

It was a real tough night for predictions. The pick’em winner won with 8 correct picks.

Congratulations to Bins69 on winning the free video workshop (check your inbox for an email from me with the details)

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Mortal Kombat Trailer – 2013

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I used to love the video game Mortal Kombat way back in the day. We used to play it at the variety store near my high school on lunch breaks.

Looks like they’re coming out with another movie version of it –first one wasn’t very good in my opinion– with Scorpion as one of the main characters.

From what I’ve seen online it looks like the movie might come out some time in 2013 which seems a little strange.

Here’s the trailer…

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My son’s eyes lit up when we arrived at the carnival. I don’t know if it was the massive amounts of cotton candy that was seemingly available everywhere we turned that did it to him; or maybe it was the bumper cars, ferris wheel or one of the other rides that whooshed, twisted and spun around us as we walked. Either way we were both ready for to have some major fun that night.

After dropping nearly thirty bucks on tickets for the rides I spotted a familiar face in the crowd. It was the mother of one of my students that I had taught some time ago. After a smile and quick hello we talked for a few minutes before she called her son, who was a few feet away with a few of his friends of his, over to say hi.

“Jake, do you remember Jeff, he used to teach you martial arts when you were smaller?” the lady asked, excitedly awaiting her son’s response.

The kid seemed puzzled at first, his recollection skills apparently not having much success at recognizing my face.  That changed a second later . Nodding his head I could tell he was about to speak. “Your wrestling sucks!” he screamed at me. My posture straightened immediately. His mother, obviously embarrassed at her sons totally unexpected comment, called his name out using a harsh tone to let him know his actions were inappropriate.

I got a little pissed and naturally prepared to fire back verbally with a few key points to explain that I was actually a pretty good wrestler; that Koscheck was a national champion and one of the best wrestlers in the game; that it’s his strong point and that he takes down pretty much everyone he fights. A split second before I let those words loose from my mouth I stopped. The fact that the kid was picking his nose, quickly reminded me that he was probably only seven  or eight years old. After a second of processing the situation, I decided to let it slide :).

It’s obvious he didn’t come up with that idea himself, as there is no way his wrestling assessment skills are fully developed.  I’m sure he had probably heard some adult say that about me at some point in time, most likely when the fight was being aired on Spike Tv. Many people are so quick to jump at the chance to criticize another person, and so hesitant to offer any sort of praise. As a fighter we must have a “thick skin” to handle that sort of thing. All fighter lose, so we all must face criticism at one time or another during our careers.  It’s simply part of the job.

That being said, I absolutely love the fact that as professional fighters every ounce of  pressure is on us. It’s the driving force that makes me train my butt of in the gym! When we win it’s because we fought well or executed a flawless game plan during the bout. On the other hand, when we come up short and don’t end up victorious,  we are the only one responsible for that less than desired outcome and therefore must expect to face some criticism from fans of any age.

Why did we lose? A small tactical error may have caused the loss or a lack of proper training may have resulted in us being less than our best on fight day. Occasionally it’s a mental thing that helped place the the “L” on our record, because we were thinking negative thoughts during the fight instead of positive ones and all of a sudden those bad thoughts turned real in a heartbeat.

We can’t blame referees for missing illegal strikes or for allowing our opponent to call a time out in the midst of battle because that stuff just doesn’t happen in MMA. Well maybe it could, but ultimately we are responsible for the end result ninety-nine percent of the time.

Train hard, fight smart and get ready for a little criticism after your losses and sometimes even after your wins!

Here are some of my other “Outside The Cage” articles you might like…

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Alright guys, UFC 115 is taking place this weekend so that means it’s time for another pick’em contest where you can win any one of my video training workshop (click here to see them) to help you in your training.

To enter, post a comment with the names of the fighters you think will win each of the fights listed below. Remember to keep the list in the same order.

The person/people who pick the most winners correctly wins! Good luck!

Oh yeah, and keep an eye out for the strength/conditioning master Eric Wong (my coach) as he will be in the corner of Canadian fighter Claude Partick. Good luck to Claude in his UFC debut!

Here are the match ups…

Chuck Liddell (21-7) vs. Rich Franklin (26-5)
Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic (26-7-2) vs. Pat Barry (5-1)
Paulo Thiago (13-1) vs. Martin Kampmann (16-3)
Ben Rothwell (30-7) vs. Gilbert Yvel (36-14-1)
Carlos Condit (24-5) vs. Rory MacDonald (10-0)
Mac Danzig (19-7-1) vs. Matt Wiman (11-5)
Tyson Griffin (14-2) vs. Evan Dunham (10-0)
David Loiseau (19-9) vs. Mario Miranda (9-1)
James Wilks (6-3) vs. Peter Sobotta (8-2)
Claude Patrick (11-1) vs. Ricardo Funch (7-1)
Mike Pyle (18-7-1) vs. Jesse Lennnox (11-2)

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