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MMA Training Tip – Mindset #6

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MMA Training Tip: Don’t be the Ungrateful One

This is problem that is becoming more common all the time, not only in the world of mixed martial arts but in society in general. It’s about taking and never giving back to those that help you. The way to correct this is very simple. When someone gives you something valuable, show them thanks and be grateful.  This simple gesture of appreciation and kindness can help build strong relationships.

Many martial arts instructors have invested a huge percentage of their lives, sacrificing their time and often their physical health, in the pursuit of becoming the best they can be in their perspective arts. I can guarantee that if you ask them a little about their background, you’ll be amazed at many of the things, both positive and negative, that they have gone through to achieve their successes.

Some students are training everywhere and with anyone that will teach them something, often jumping to another martial arts school without a thought if they hear something good about it. They are taking a lot and rarely giving back to those that help them.

There are times when this approach is absolutely necessary. In the case when a fighter is training at a martial arts school that focuses solely on ground work or just on striking or wrestling,  there’s no doubt that he will need to branch out to complete his MMA skill set.

In other cases, however, I feel that selfishness will ultimately harm a fighter’s progression in the sport. Most instructors will not teach you passionately if you don’t earn their trust, respect and friendship.  This fact will hugely impact your development under them. Without the proper reciprocation of appreciation between you and your instructor you will always be one strike away from having to look for a new place to train.

Whether you train at one or multiple martial arts school, be sure to give as much as you receive and put in the time to develop relationships with your instructor(s). When your career is over and done with, you’ll have a great friend that you can reminisce about old times with. After a career in MMA, believe me you’ll have some great stories to tell.

In the end I believe it’s the journey and the great relationships that we build along the way that mean the most…

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“Working the Body” Striking Workshop This Sunday (May 2nd)

Tire, weaken and drop your opponent!May
The body shot is one of the best ways to gain advantage over your sparring partners and opponents.

In this workshop I’ll teach you how to hit the body. I mean really hit the body, in the rights spots while using a ton of leverage, so that opponent will quickly understand why body shots hurt more than the ones that hit the head.

Consisting of offensive and defensive techniques, this workshop will give you the tools to get inside your opponent’s defenses, land your strike and follow it up some more attacks or by moving away to a safe place.

Gone will be the times when you get smashed in the face while trying to hit the body.

Working the body is one of my favourite –thanks to my boxing coach– aspects of fighting. This is going to be fun one to teach.

Date: Sunday, May 2nd

Time: 1pm-3pm

Place: Joslin’s MMA (436 Concession Street, Hamilton)

NEVER TRAINED BEFORE? Jump into the workshop with the NEW MEMBER SPECIAL

For more info or to confirm your spot by registering online CLICK HERE

Space is limited – register soon!

For nearly a year I’ve been hosting an MMA Radio segment on Y108 with Ben & Kerry early in the morning on every second Tuesday.

Waking up early to make the thirty minute drive down to the station is totally worth it as we always have a blast on the show. Both Ben & Kerry are great guys and ultra witty which always makes things fun. When the three of us traveled by bus with two listeners to Montreal for the UFC event last year, I was laughing pretty much throughout the entire weekend.

I recently went through a few of the “In the Cage” shows that I have saved on my laptop and took out some of bits that were the most fun.


Visit for more info on Ben & Kerry’s show by CLICKING HERE.

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I just got back from Edmonton, Alberta where I was commentating the first event of the Elaine McCarthy’s Let’s Get it on MMA series. The event took place on Friday night and was broadcast live on a very cool website called

I’ve commentated at several MMA shows before but this was different right from the start. First of was the impressive fact that that the entire show was being broadcast live, which instantly put extra pressure on us commentators to perform well. There would be no second takes, no chances to go back and try things again if a mistake made. I felt nervously excited as fight time approached.

Secondly, everyone involved in this show was extremely professional and talented with a ton of experience in the fields of MMA, video production, audio and lighting and all of the other things — you wouldn’t believe how much is happening at once — that go on behind the scenes to provide us fight fans with high quality mixed martial arts entertainment. The talent that the LGIO team has really forces you to bring your best to the table.

The Ring Announcer, Ray Flores, has got some serious skills and was a really cool guy. When we were at the after party he announced my name, weight and height for me as if I was set to fight in the cage. It was awesome! Look for him to do some big things in the game.

I was very lucky to have a great partner for the commentating gig, radio personality and former MMA fighter JT McCarthy. He did the play by play while I added some colour to it all with breakdowns of technique, concepts and strategies. JT is the man! He unbelievably went through his lengthy live intro piece, lights blasting in his face, without a cue card or teleprompter and nailed the entire thing. It was crazy!

Just watching him doing his thing before, during and after the show helped me a lot. I’m really looking forward to working with him again on the next show in the series.

The fight card ended up being full of action with a few nice knockouts, a wicked neck crank submission and some close battles all taking place in front of a packed house.

The next LGIO MMA show is set for May 21st and I believe the one we were just at will air very soon on CHCH television.

I’ll post more info soon…

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2 First Round MMA Wins!

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Last weekend, a small crew of us headed out to the Xtreme Cagefighting Championships in Michigan.

After a hard training camp Ryan Dickson was set to make his MMA debut and Steve Bingham was prepared to enter the cage for the second time in his career.

With the event having a Canada vs. U.S theme, the crowd really got into the fights, chanting their countries name loudly many times throughout the night.

When all was said and done, Canada ended up with more wins although I don’t remember the exact count.

Both Steve and Ryan did great! Each of them won their bouts in the first round, Ryan by triangle choke and Steve by TKO.

Here’s some highlights of the two Team Joslin fighters in action.

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I recently did a screen test for the upcoming Canadian MMA Promotion called “Lets Get It on MMA!” in the hopes of landing a spot as one of the event commentators.

I got it!

This exciting MMA promotion is going to be awesome!

It’s using a tournament style format with the fighters that win their bouts on each card –which are being held every month —  advancing to the next round of competition. The champion in both the welterweight and lightweight brackets will be decided inside the cage during the finals in December.

I’m heading out this week to work at the promotions first event which is being held in Edmonton, Alberta on Friday April 23, 2010.

It’s going to be a great night of fights!

For more info on this event and the promotion visit

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BJJ Pan-Ams 2010

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The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Pan-American championship was held recently. Always a great competition to watch or compete in, I thought I’d throw up a few vids for your viewing pleasure.


Increase Your Punching Power!

I just finished writing –took a few weeks– my report titled “Developing the KO Punch” which shares 12 different principles that will have you hitting harder than ever.

It’s always nice to win a fight in the first round with a quick KO and hit the after party instead of the hospital.


==> FREE “Developing the KO Punch” Report

Here’s Tip #7…

Stay Relaxed and Loose

A relaxed strike is a powerful strike. That concept is simple to grasp but very difficult to put into action. When anger, fear, fatigue and other emotions kick in during a fight, the body often tenses up making ultra-powerful punching very difficult. A fighter’s lack of experience or lack of technical training often results in them throwing stiff, slow, laboured punches. Even worse the telegraphed punches they attack with are usually thrown by themselves, not within a combination that could drastically increase any chances of scoring a knockout.

In training, think of your arm as two different parts, the fist and the arm. The arm must take on the attributes of a piece of rope, hanging loose as it swings to and from your upper body. Alternately the fist must tighten, with its thumb on the outside, remaining clenched as if it were an iron ball hanging from that rope. At first you will find this extremely challenging to do and you’ll quickly realize that it’s going to take a lot of practice and focus to get things just right. As you tighten your hand you will often feel your entire arm tighten and vice versa with your hand becoming too loose when you allow your arm to relax. Just keep trying!

You’ll know when you get it right because you will instantly multiply the power of you punch and lessen the amount of effort it takes to throw it. That’s when your true punching power will begin to emerge.


BJJ Team Training

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Today we had another great BJJ Team Training Session at Joslin’s MMA. Lots of rolling, technique practice and 3 guys left with a new blue belt around their waist.

Congrats to everyone who got their belts. Looking forward to the next one!

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Wow! As I’ve never been more frustrated while watching an MMA fight than I was last night. Disrespectful taunting, useless hand and head movement and no attempt to finish the fight. What was Anderson doing?

I used to have Silva on my list of favourite fighters to watch but not any longer. I honestly have no interest in seeing him fight ever again.

Over the years I’ve heard many stories from my friends in the sport about Silva’s arrogance and lack of appreciation for fans when he’s outside of the cage. Having never met the guy, I reserved judgement hoping that they weren’t totally true, mainly because I enjoyed watching the guy fight. The thought also bothered me because I feel that talking with fans and signing autographs is one of the best parts of fighting in the UFC. It’s an honour that in my opinion should never be taken for granted.

It’s easy to tell that Damien Maia trained hard for his title shot as he came in shape and prepared to FIGHT! He was hit by some strong shots early on but kept moving forward even when his faced was busted up and bleeding.

Anderson gets hit by a few shots that “surprised” him and then he fights like he’s scared to take chances and strike with a guy that isn’t known for his striking. What kind of championship mentality is that? Even worse was the yelling,taunting and blatant disrespect displayed by Silva in the middle of his stalling tactics.

Too bad Maia didn’t knock him out with one of the strikes he landed in the late rounds. That would have been perfect!

Any Silva fans still left out there?

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