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MMA Technique – Escape the Kimura

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Here’s another MMA technique, taught by guest instructor Erik Paulson during his visit to Joslin’s MMA.

This is a great way to counter a common technique called the Kimura. Enjoy!

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xguardwspicLearn these BJJ techniques and your opponents will be in trouble!

Come out and learn the movements of the highly effective X-guard. Jeff has consistantly used this guard sucessfully in BJJ, Submisison Wrestling and MMA.

At this workshop you’ll learn many ways to control and sweep your opponent so that you end up on top. You’ll also pick up a few cool ways to submit your opponent by using the x-guard.

Perfect for students of all levels, Jeff Joslin’s topic focused workshops are fun, easy to follow and contain many technical details that you will be able to put to use right away. A great way to increase you skill on the mats fast!

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green_power_ranger_mmaPower Ranger”‘ There was a lot of pre-fight discussion about the formerJason David Franks’ MMA debut which happened last night.

He came out really aggressive showing a good mix of punching and kicking attacks. A little into the fight you see him rocked by a solid punch then get taken down. Showing great composure he pulls out the win. Congratulations to him on a job well done.

How did he do it?

With an attack that we rarely seen applied to submission in MMA.

Check it out…

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