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5 Downfalls to Being a UFC fighter

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Without a doubt, there are many benefits to being a UFC fighter –which I’m pretty sure I’ll name in a future post– but fans often fail to realize that there are several downfalls to being in the mixed martial arts limelight.

Here’s the first five that pop into my head:

1. You receive pretty much useless tips from random people.

Fighting must look a lot easier from the safety of a couch because on a few occasions I’ve been given some pretty wild fighting tips from guys and girls as various locations around my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I remember one night a drunk girl came out of a bar and started showing me a few kickboxing combos that she thought I should use in my next fight. I didn’t tell her that those moves would get me killed out there but I felt like doing so.  Another time, an older gentlemen, yelled at me from across the counter at a Shopper’s Drug Mart store. “Do more pushups!” was the advice he gave that night as he was leaving the building. He truly must not have realized how much insane physical training I endure while preparing for a fight. Regardless, I always take the time to thank the person for their tips because I sincerely do appreciate their interest even though it sometimes creates an annoying situation.

2. You’re stuck eating clean

The only good thing about being injured is the fact that you can eat whatever you want for a while.  Keeping one’s weight on point can be a struggle for many fighters including myself from time to time.

Chicken breast after chicken breast can be repetitive and I swear I didn’t eat a sweet potato for at least 6 months after my last fight. There’s a story behind that, a pretty funny one in fact, but I’ll save it for another post about weight cutting and re-hydration. I think that maybe with some good recipes eating clean all the time could be less boring but I suck at cooking so I’m not sure I’ll ever find out.

There are also many distractions to entice a fighter to stray from healthy food. For me one situation in particular sticks out in my mind.

A week before one of my fights –against Nuri Shakir for the Apex fighting world title—I attended a wedding. I had just begun the final process of my weight cutting routine which is when I cut out carbohydrates completely for several days. Believe it sucks worst than it sounds. Anyways, I managed to struggle through the dinner, only eating what I was supposed to but then the desert table appeared. Damn! The table was loaded with cakes, treats and tons of good stuff but the killer was the monstrous fountain, located in the center of the table that was pouring chocolate from its spout. It literally was tougher to resist submerging my face into the chocolate pool at the bottom of that fountain than it was to step into the ring the following weekend. I toughed it out though.

There is something motivating about having to make a certain weight for a fight and the fact that I don’t get paid unless I make my designated weight is sufficient motivation to keep me away from the pizza, chips and pop and Snickers bars (my favourite). Not to mention it’s not very cool to go on television with a gut.

3. You keep getting uglier

Many years ago, my nose was a little straighter, everyone one of my teeth were my own, and I had a few less scars than I do now. All part of the game I guess but if you follow a fighter’s career –especially the ones who have been through many wars in the cage or ring—you’ll realize that that they seem to get a little uglier with each passing bout.

I remember the day my nose broke for the first time and was pummelled several inches closer to my ear. I admit, it’s a little vain, but I was a little traumatized when I looked in the mirror. It was my face that I was looking at but not my nose! Luckily I was able to have it somewhat straightened around a week or two later because I did not want to leave the house with that nose on my face. Even worse, my nose hurt for nearly a year after the surgery.

If you’re thinking of fighting professionally you can kiss any modeling aspirations goodbye and when you do start your MMA career try to match up with the ugliest of fighters. It usually means they are easier to hit.

4. A rough day in the office is much different for you than others

Every employee experiences a bad day in the office from time to time. The causes are simple; irritating co-workers, grumpy bosses, losing the big deal and whatever else pisses a person off.

A bad day for a professional mixed martial artist is much worse. A grumpy coach will put you through insanely tough workouts just because he feels like it that day. I’m guessing that seeing you puke might make him feel better in some twisted way. You might not lose out on a big deal that you were trying to seal but a bad day in the ring or cage will most likely deplete your blood supply somewhat and kill off a huge amount of brain cells at the same time.

With all that being said I think it’s the bad days and troubles we occasionally experience in training and in competition that makes us strive for and genuinely appreciate our victories.

5. It’s not the holy grail of picking up women at a bar.

So you’ve had your first professional fight that was televised and decide to hit the bar to reap the rewards. Ladies watch out!

Immediately after arriving at the bar, a guy –probably wearing an affliction T-shirt– approaches you and asks you about your training, your last fight and a bunch of other things.  As you scope out a few hot women around the bar you are excited to answer his questions and talk with him for a while.

After conversing for nearly twenty minutes, he leaves to party it up and you begin your search for the hot girl you spotted just moments before. You feel a gentle tap on your shoulder. With hopes that it was the woman you were looking for you turn around to see who it was. It’s another guy –this time in a tap out shirt—that proceeds to ask you questions very similar to the ones you answered minutes before while talking with the other guy.  You do your best to answer them, in a slightly quicker manner than before and then carry on with your night. One hour , twenty guys and seventy two questions later you realize something. Men watch mixed martial arts way more than women and you’re going to have to actually put in a more work than you had anticipated to pick up chicks.

I’m not saying fighting doesn’t help you pick up girls, I’m sure it will in many situations but it’s not the Holy Grail of mackin. I’d say, if you want to meet truckloads of women, you’re better off investing in some singing lessons in the hopes of becoming the next Justin Timberlake.

After all the time I’ve spent eating clean, talking with fight fans at bars, getting punched uglier on a regular basis and absorbing the many fight tips from dudes and chicks in the street, I can say it’s all been worth it without a doubt. Don’t let this article make you think twice about becoming a mixed martial artist as it’s the most fun job in the world. Just make sure you have the number for a great plastic surgeon!

Here’s another article I wrote about the best things about fighting in the UFC. ==> CLICK TO READ IT

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Joslin's Summer Camp – Day 3

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For the last three days, I’ve been teaching lessons, running competitions and games for a the group of children that signed up for my July Kids Camp.

Man, these kids are showing a ton of potential in terms of martial arts ability. A few of them are coming back tonight for their regular classes after already spending the entire day at the martial arts school. That’s great dedication.

Today we did an awesome striking workout which focused mainly on kicking techniques. Tommorrow, after the morning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lesson we’re going to head down the street to do some “Glow in the dark” Bowling. I’m a little embarassed to say that I get my butt kicked at bowling every summer against the kids even though I’m actually trying to win.

The next camp week, in August, is filling up with kids already. I’m looking forward to a little rest after this week but I’ll be good to do it all again by then.

For more info on upcoming summer camps click HERE.

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Someone just emailed me a link to a website that contains a Top 10 Karate Fighters in MMA list. It turns out that I made the ninth spot on that list. It’s an honour to be chosen amongst the many great fighters on the list.

My original striking roots come from a karate/kickboxing background as my father was part of the group karatekas, many years ago, who opted to focus more on full contact kickboxing where you didn’t win by points. Instead, similar to boxing, you won bouts by TKO or KO.

Over the years I added Muay Thai technique to my game and a ton of boxing –which I became insanely addicted to right off the bat– technique which is why I don’t fight like a traditional karate practitioner.

My competitive karate background provided me with a ton of fighting experience and played an important part in developing my hand speed, range and kicking ability and defense. I think any type of martial art or combat sport that puts you face to face against a resisting opponent, builds important fighting and self defense skill.

Here’s the link if you want to check out the article.

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Quick update

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I’ve been really busy working on a new fight crew section of this site and it’s slowed down my regular posting rate over the last little while.

The new section will be live soon and I’m really excited about it!

Once it’s live I’ll get back to my regular posting schedule.

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The Buffer 360! He did it!

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Check out this awesome video that Joe Rogan put together about the first and last Buffer 360 ever! Great stuff.

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MMA Technique – Erik Paulson

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Here is the counter to the last month’s technique, the dive roll to back attack (Click here to see that one). You’ll probably recognize Erik as one of Brock Lesnar’s cornerman and trainer. Great guy with awesome skill.

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tsn I’m going to be a guest on TSN’s “Off the Record” show this afternoon. I’m guessing that we will be discussing the upcoming UFC 100 card.

I believe the show will be airing later today (Wednesday, July 8th) at 6pm EST.

Check out for more information

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UFC 100 Predictions

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This Saturday night, UFC 100 takes place in Vegas and the line-up looks to have a lot of potential. Here’s my take on the Ultimate Fighting Championships one hundredth event.

Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar

This is a very important match for Brock Lesnar. If he loses again to Mir it will knock him back several notches within the heavy weight division and weaken any momentum that his win over Randy Couture had earned him. If he wins he avenges his only loss and will without a doubt gain more respect from any fans – and I think there are still quite a few – who question his credibility.

In his last fight, Mir showed great confidence and some excellent striking. I feel he needs to do the exact same thing in this fight. Landing some solid strikes early on should give him a boost in confidence and keep Lesnar on the defensive. This will be important because Lesnar in offensive mode reminds me of a “When a bear attacks!” video. Scary!

Lesnar on the other hand is going to be a constant threat with his insanely powerful punches, great takedown ability and monstrous size. He also seems to be able to take a good shot and has remained pretty calm when things aren’t totally going his way.

This has the potential of being an awesome fight. In the end I predict a win for Brock Lesnar. By what? Hmm, tough to say but I think it will be by TKO due to a vicious ground and pound attack.

Inferno’s Pick – Brock Lesnar (TKO)

Georges St. Pierre vs. Thiago Alves

What a great fight! Two fighters, both with exciting styles, at the top of their games pitted against one another with the belt on the line. What else can you ask for?

I think GSP is going to attempt to use a lot of movement to avoid the powerful leg kicking abilities of his opponent. I’m guessing he’ll strike a bit with Alves to disguise a game plan that involves him taking the fight to the ground. If he is successful in doing so, I think it will be a much shorter fight than expected with Georges winning via TKO or submission.

The important question that needs to be answered is “Can Thiago stop GSP’s takedowns?” We won’t know the answer until late Saturday night and in my opinion it is tough to pick a sure winner until we do. The fans are going to win in this one because I know that both of these fighters are taking this fight seriously.

I believe Georges St.Pierre to win this fight by a ground and pound TKO due to another application of a solid game plan. He’s great at doing such during most of his fights.

Inferno’s Pick – Georges St. Pierre (TKO)

Jon Fitch vs. Paulo Thiago

With Paulo Thiago coming off a win –one that was totally unexpected until the finishing punch landed– vs. Josh Koscheck in his UFC debut, a win over Jon Fitch would definitely prove his skills are for real.

I don’t believe it will happen. Fitch has a good chin, a lot of experience and doesn’t mess around in the cage. He gets down to business and does what he needs to win. I think Fitch will win this midway through the fight. Not sure exactly how he will do it but I’ll guess and say via a submission hold.

Inferno’s Pick – Jon Fitch (Submission)

Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping

This is another fight that I’m very excited about. Michael Bisping has a near flawless record and has some great wins in the UFC. On Saturday night he faces an ultra tough opponent in Dan Henderson. I think this fight will go to a decision. The victor in my mind will be Dan Henderson, but it will be very close in my opinion.

Inferno’s Pick – Dan Henderson (Decision)

Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Alan Belcher

I have never had the opportunity to watch Akiyama fight but his record looks very impressive. He seems like a strong judo player who also packs a powerful punch. Alan Belcher and I fought on the same fight card at UFC Fight Night 7 and he has gone on to win some big fights after that. I’m going to pick Belcher to win against Akiyama because of his experience in the UFC and inside the octagon in particular.

Inferno’s Pick – Belcher (Decision)

What are you picks?

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UFC 100 this Saturday!

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UFC 100: Were Just Getting Started – Watch more Funny Videos

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A while back I spent 2 weeks training at Team Quest in Portland, Oregon. I had a great time and got some really good training in with guys like Matt Lindland, Chris Leben, Nate Quarry, Ed Herman, Chris Wilson, Mike Dolce and Ryan Schultz.

It was during my week training at Team Quest that I got the news that my opponent for my upcoming Freedom Fight bout was changed to Jon Fitch. It was the second time my opponent has changed. Originally I had signed to fight Jeremy Jackson. He had to pull out because of injury and was then replaced by Mike “Joker” Guymon. After Guymon pulled out, they lined me up with Fitch.

It didn’t really matter too much to me at that point as I was really good shape and pumped to fight. I’m glad I fought Fitch as he proved to be a tough fighter and we had a great scrap!

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