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Shadow fighting –which I call it in MMA since a lot more is practiced other than punching– is a vital, although often underused, drill for improving a fighter’s punching, kicking and overall fighting skill sets. By incorporating several shadow fighting rounds in my striking workouts, I give myself the time to sharper my favourite weapons and to develop my newest technical movements.

Many fighters opt to skip the process of shadow fighting, jumping directly into sparring or heavy bag work instead. Perhaps they find it repetitive and boring and not very useful for anything other than breaking a sweat. I definitely agree that punching into mid-air over and over again can be boring; especially if a fighter performs the drill using the same approach every single time they do it. The key to keeping shadow fighting fresh and exciting is to constantly mix up things up. Here’s a three round layout that will help you in doing so.

1) Round 1 – Footwork
Spend the entire round (most commonly 3 or 5 minutes in length) moving around the ring/cage, changing angles, sliding in, sliding out and changing directions often to hone the fundamental movement skills that you will be putting to use in all of your sparring rounds. Avoid the urge to punch by focusing solely on the practice of your footwork techniques.

2) Round 2 – Add Punches
Be sure to maintain the fluid footwork that you executed in the first round of shadow fighting and now start to bring your punching technique into the game. Start with the jab. Work it while moving in different directions, doubling and tripling it up to push yourself physically. A short while later start following the jab with the cross and then progress to add hooks, uppercuts and body punches into the mix. Stay busy, light on your feet and technically sound throughout the entire round.

3) Round 3 – Add Kicking Techniques
In the third and final round, after breaking a good sweat throughout the last two rounds, I want you to start unleashing your kicks. One option that you have is to choose one or two kicks to add to your footwork and punching practice. This choice will help you isolate any kicking combinations that you are yet to master. Another option is to execute a wide variety of kicking techniques throughout the round in addition to the other techniques you are practicing. This way can be a lot of fun. However you do things, try to incorporate movement, punching and kicking into each of your combinations to properly mimic the way your techniques should be applied in sparring and actual fight competition. You may have to slow your practice at first to keep things sharp and technically sound. There’s nothing productive about practicing with poor technique so remember take your time.

You can incorporate these 3 rounds near the beginning of your workout or as a low impact wind down after everything else is done. Try to have your striking coach oversee your shadow fighting rounds to keep a close eye on your technique and body positioning, helping you make corrections when necessary. If you are training on your own focus on proper mechanics over speed and be very critical of your own technique. Remember, practice doesn’t make perfect. It’s perfect practice that makes perfect!

Train hard, train smart, and most importantly have fun!

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Fighter Backflips during MMA fight

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It’s not too often you see this happen in an mma bout.

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Top Five Martial Arts Movies

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These are the Top Ten Martial Arts Movies as voted by my friends on facebook and Twitter. If I’ve seen it I put down a few of my thoughts regarding each movie. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.

1. Bloodsport -Bloodsport is definitely my favourite martial arts movie of all time. Watching it was my first taste of no-rules fighting. My favourite character had to be the American fighter Jackson. I wanted him to win the whole tournament but unfortunately he was too cocky out there.

2. Best of the Best – This movie is not only the second most popular choice for best martial arts movie, it’s mine as well. The main actor, who played Tommy, had some sick skills and my favourite part was when he kicked the cigarette out of the guy’s mouth during the fight inside the bar. I used to do the same thing to my wife every time she smoked. Well, that was until I accidentally hit her one time.

3. Karate Kid – I remember seeing this movie with my father –who started our martial arts school in the 60’s – way back in the day. I think we may have even done a demo at the movie theatre that night to promote our martial arts school. I thought this movie had a great story and it definitely gave a much needed boost to the popularity of martial arts in North America.

4. Enter the Dragon– Being a martial artist; I’m a little embarrassed to say that I never really gotten into the Bruce Lee Movies. I really liked Dragon : The Bruce Lee Story but have failed to watch Mr. Lee’s own martial arts movies. I think I’m going to go rent one of them this week for sure to check it out.

5. Kickboxer – This is another great movie in my opinion. Lots of Action and it had some great fight scenes, each with its own little twist to keep things fresh. My favourite part is when Van Damne’s character approached his Brother –who was played by Kickboxing champ Dennis Alessio—to warn him about the bad guy kicking poles in the back room and his brother does some crazy head movement and just ignores the warning. Funny stuff.

Other movies that nearly made the top five were Ong Bak, Fist of Legend and Game of Death.

With the latest martial arts movies being a little bit disappointing, I hope we will be one day, be able to have the pleasure of watching some that are able to compete with the movies mentioned above. I guess we’ll have to wait for Will Smith’s Karate Kid remake to hit the theatres.

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Fastest Boxers of All time!

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Found this video on the net and thought you’d like it. Enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2

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Australian Rules Football Fights!

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Check out the fights on this video. I love the 3:02 part, MMA fighters rarely fight that well moving backwards!

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UFC 99 – My Predictions

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It`s getting close to fight time and I`ve finally got a little free time to sit down and make a few predictions for tonights UFC 99 card.

Here they are:

Wanderlei Silva (32-9-1) vs. Rich Franklin (24-4)
This is a fight that I believe will be a very close one. My guess is that Silve is going to come out swinging for a big KO. Will Franklin choose to strike back or attempt a takedown. Hmmm. I think Franklin will smart an intelligent fight and win this one by decision.

Inferno`s Pick – Franklin (decision)

Cain Velasquez (5-0) vs. Cheick Kongo (14-4-1)
This fight is one between two of the scariest looking dudes in MMA. Kongo has the height and experience advantage although his opponent Cain is undefeated and has been winning fights in impressive style. I have a feeeling this will end up being a stand-up battle, one that Velasquez will win with an exciting KO.

Inferno`s Pick – Velasquez (KO)

Spencer Fisher (22-4) vs. Caol Uno (25-11-4)
In his last few fights Spencer Fisher has won me over as a fan. He always brings action and excitement to his fights and possesses a well rounded skillset which are the two qualities I love seeing in a fighter. He`s up against Japanese fighter Caol Uno, who has been in the fight game for many years. I think Fisher will be too much for Uno in terms of both size and aggression so I`m picking him to win by TKO.

Inferno`s Pick – Fisher (TKO)

Mike Swick (13-3) vs. Ben Saunders (8-1-2)
I really don`t know very much about Ben Saunders so this is definately my most difficult pick of the night. Going in blind, I`ll take Swick by his infamous swickotine.

Inferno`s Pick – Swick (Submission)

Marcus Davis (16-5) vs. Dan Hardy (21-6)
Dan Hardy is set to face one of my favourite fighters in Marcus Davis. Marcus is a cool guy plus the dude is tough and he can punch! which is refreshing to watch because even at the highest levels good boxing is still rare. In the fight, however, I think Marcus is going to win it on the ground most likely in the form of a decision.

Inferno`s Pick – Davis (decision)

Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic (24-6-2) vs. Mustapha Al-Turk (6-4)
After signing a “one fight deal“ Mirko Cro Cop is back in the UFC. The big question is can he land his patented high kick tonight. I don`t think so. I know from my experience that the size of the octagon makes it next to impossible to cut off your opponent`s movement and it`s that fact alone that provides Cro cop`s opponents with the opportunity to keep themselves off of all knockout highlight reels by using good mobility and not moving to their left side often. In my opinion Mirko is going to have to grind this one out for a decision victory which I think he may do.

Inferno`s Pick – Filipovic (decision)

Well, those are my picks for tonight. I think I`m going to watch the fights at Boston Pizza just down the street from my house. Should be fun. Have a great night everyone!

What are your picksÉ (Excuse the É symbol, my question mark key won`t work. Anyone know how to fix that on a toshiba laptopÉ)

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My No Shit MMA Interview.

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At the MMA Expo I got a chance to sit down with hosts Jonathan Baldock and Robin Black and be a guest on the No-shit MMA show. Here’s the video.

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Q & A Post

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questionmarkI want to try something different in this post.

Feel free to ask me questions through the comment section and I’ll do my best to answer them in this post. The questions can be MMA related or not, it doesn’t matter to me.

I’ll leave the post open for the next 48 hours so throw your questions up soon.

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MMA Expo – Day 1

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expoJust got in from Day 1 of the mixed martial arts expo. It was a great event!

Fans from all over the place came out to meet some of their favourite MMA fighters and to scoop up some great fightwear and gear from the many vendors in attendance. Throughout the day I saw many familiar faces around the expo including Sean Sherk, Carlos Newton, Nabil Khatib, Jason MacDonald, Frank Trigg, Dennis Kang, Patrick Cote, Sam Stout, Mark Hominick, Chris Horodecki, Mark Bocek and Mr. International Shonie Carter. I may even be forgetting a few. Oh, UFC ring-girll Arianny Celeste was there too.

Thanks to all the people that came up to say hello throughout the day it was great to meet all of you.

I ended up teaching a 45 minute workshop to a large group of up & coming mixed martial artists who were on hand to participate in the W-1 MMA trials. I ended up showing a few tricks I like to use from my guard and they picked up the details very quickly.

Overall it was a great day, If you get chance head to the International center tommorow for Day 2 of,the expo which is guaranteed to be another great one. Keep an eye out for the heavy bag that monitors your punching power. I scored 10500. I don`t think it`s really accurate since it seems to measure the push of the punch more than the snap –which is what really causes damage and ko`s–. Some guy came up after me and threw a sloppy, off balance punch that pushed the bag and scored higher than me. Strange :).

I`m heading out tonight to watch the movie “Hangover“. Looks like a good one.

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MMA Expo this weekend.

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On Saturday I’m heading to the MMA expo where I’ll be helping out with some mixed martial arts trials and doing some signing for fight fans. This is a great event, so if you’re in the area I would suggest checking it out. They have a large roster of mma fighters that will be on hand. If you make it out be sure to come by and say hi.

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