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BJJ Women battling it out!

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If you're new here and are looking to develop your MMA skills quickly, CLICK HERE to sign up for my MMA training mailing list and I'll send you a ton of training tips to help you do exactly that. You'll also receive 2 FREE EBOOKS : "Developing the KO Punch" & "MMA Training Secrets" right away.

Check out this BJJ match. Missing one leg hasn’t stopped this bjj’er from training hard, competing hard and inspiring us all. Amazing stuff!

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Y108 – In studio

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Here’s a video filmed a few weeks ago during our segment “In the cage” on Y108 radio. I’ll be back on the air this Tuesday (March 10) between 7:30-8am. Ben & Kerry agreed to some cool stuff near the end of this show. Should be fun when we get it all going. Catch this weeks show locally on the radio or over the internet at

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Watching Rampage-Jardine (UFC 96)

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Sitting here watching the UFC 96, I thought I might as well start writing a post in the midst of the main event fight. The fight just started and not much has happened as both fighters seem to be feeling each other out.

4 minutes in…Rampage is doing a great job controlling the range and is making Jadine look slow and off balance…ooh he landed a good shot on the jaw of Jardine. Jardine took it well.

Round one is over and no vaseline is in sight :). Ring girls are looking hot as always. Here goes round number two!

Rampage is moving well, making Jardine miss everytime he tries a lunging in attack. Jardine’s left hand is low, he may get caught with a right hand later on.

2 minutes in…wow, a big punch drops Jardine…He does a great job to stand and recover.

3 minutes in…Rampage doing a great job of mixing it up. Strikes and takedowns, nice!

Low Blow..Man this is tough to type and watch at the same time. Sorry about the bad grammar on this post.

50 secs left..What an exchange! Jardine may have punched himself out in that exchange as he tried to take Jackson out.

second round ends. I think Rampage should go back to using the movement he was using in the first round.

Round 3 underway. Jardine being more aggressive although not landing anything solid. Jardine doing a great job working back to his feet but is starting to get tired as he’s having trouble keeping his hands up.

30 seconds left..Jardine is hurt by a nice combo, it’s been hard to tell when Jardine is hurt and when he was just off balance. Rampage drops near the end of the fight. I agree with the commentators that that may give him the fight.

and the judges decision..Quinton Jackson.

Overall the card was pretty good tonight, I’ll probably post something longer about it tommorrow. I have to go study some textbooks. I’ve been taking a use of force course all weekend and the final testing is tommorrow. Now to find my manual. Have a good night guys.

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UFC 96 Predictions

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UFC 96 is taking place this weekend. There were some tough choices to make on a card that I’m not overly excited for. Hopefully it will be one of those cards that turns out much better than it appears on paper.

Be sure to check out these other sites for their picks as the blog prediction battle continues.

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Quinton Jackson vs. Keith Jardine
Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s record is nearly flawless in the last 3 years with only one loss which came by decision to Forrest Griffin. His opponent for this weekend’s fight card is tough fighter Keith Jardine who himself has shown strong grit and skill in the cage by earning some impressive wins of Griffin, Vera and former UFC champ Chuck Liddell. The outcome of this fight is tough to predict. Jackson, without a doubt possesses the more solid skill set but Jardine’s unorthodox style seems to work well for him. I’ll go with Jackson to win this fight by Tko.

Inferno’s pick – Quinton Jackson (2nd round TKO)

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Shane Carwin
10-0! Shane Carwin is the man many people are talking about as a future champion in the division. On the other hand his opponent, Gabriel Gonzaga, is no slouch. If you don’t remember him, Gonzaga is the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion who shocked fans everywhere when he knocked the hell out of Mirko Crocop with a well timed high kick back in 2007. He has faced some strong competition in the past and has only lost three times. I’m excited about this one and I’m going to make it even more exciting to myself come fight time by picking Gonzaga to win.
Inferno’s pick – Gabrele Gonzaga (2nd round submission)

Matt Hamill vs. Mark Munoz
Munoz is stepping into the Octagon for the very first time against a much more experienced fighter in Matt Hamill. I’m not talking about the number of fights each of them has since there is not much discrepancy in that area between the two. More the fact that Hammil was a product of the “Ultimate Fighter” reality show and that every one of his professional fights has been in the UFC. I think it will be that experience which will give Hamill the edge in this contest.

Inferno’s pick – Matt Hamill (2nd round tko)

Gray Maynard vs. Jim Miller
Both Maynard and Miller have excellent records and each of them is very strong on the ground. I give an edge in the size and power department Maynard and I think that will play a big role in determining who will win this matchup. I have chosen Miller to win his fights in my past predictions and he has come through every time but I think Gray Maynard will disrupt that streak and pull out the “W” in this exciting match-up.

Inferno’s Pick – Gray Maynard (3rd round TKO)

Matt Brown vs. Pete Sell
These are two fighters I really haven’t really had the chance to watch much of so my pick will be more of a “gut feeling” type choice. Looking at their records each fighter has a few losses so both of them can be beaten. Brown trains with team Gurgel and Sell with the Serra Camp so I think it will come down to the fighter that can control this fight on the ground. I’m going to pick Pete Sell to win this fight in an fairly uneventful 3 round decision.

Inferno’s pick – Pete Sell (Decision)

What are your picks?

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“Move your head!” a voice bellowed from someplace behind me.

Realizing quickly, after a punch nearly smashed into my nose, that I wasn’t doing it enough I started to rock my head gently from left to right.

“That’s it!” my coach continued as I started to grasp the idea of the drill. “Keep making her miss!” he instructed as my sparring partner, a female fighter from the gym who weighed at least 70 lbs lighter than me, let loose a combination of four punches directed at my head none of which hit their mark.

Two and a half minutes later the bell sounded to end the round. I approached the corner of the ring to get some instruction from my close friend and long time striking coach Vito Brancaccio.

“Start using the jab lightly and work her body a bit” he said pausing briefly to give me a shot of water from the bottle he carried. “But keep making her miss. Don’t stop moving” he continued as the next round was just about to start.

Three or four rounds later, when the sparring session was over, I was tired! Not because I had thrown a ton of punches, or had taken a huge amount of punishment, more because my coach wouldn’t let me stay still at any moment during any of the rounds we had just completed. Similar to a matador versus a bull I had slipped, rolled, stepped and angled myself away from the aggressive assault of my adversary. Her smaller stature didn’t make a difference; in fact it made things tougher because she was very fast and extremely aggressive. I wasn’t punching back much so I had no way of slowing down her attack except for making her miss.  I found it easy to stay relaxed because if she did catch me it would be with a shot that wasn’t powerful enough to do much damage to me.

I learned a valuable lesson that day both as a fighter and a coach. In a situation, with a partner drastically smaller, weaker and less experienced than me, my coach was able to put together a fun, challenging and skill improving workout. I would never have guessed that I would be able to benefit from sparring with a partner so much smaller than me, but I did that day.

What was really cool about it all was that I managed to take that matador type strategy into my next sparring sessions – which was against opponents who weighed the same or more than me– and I fought better than ever. I used a ton of head movement and footwork, which really messed up my partner’s timing, and this time I didn’t have to pull my punches. I had extra fun in the ring that day.

So next time you find yourself against a smaller or less experienced sparring partner, don’t worry, just let them attack you over and over again. Make them miss as much as you can to improve the defensive skills that you will surely need when you’re up against your most challenging training partners.  You’ll have fun, great a great workout and your sparring partner will too.  Everybody wins!

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Interview – Nabil Khatib

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Canadian Middleweight fighter Nabil “The Thrill” Khatib will be facing former UFC champ Carlon Newton on the upcoming W-1 fight card. I’m looking forward to watching this fight.

I recently spoke with Nabil over the phone about this upcoming fight, his training background, his grappling tournament and much more. Here’s the interview.

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Super Athlete!

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I remember this guy from when I was a kid watching the original American Gladiators series. His nickname was “2 scoops” and he would wreck the gladiators during many different events. Check him out below smashing the “Gauntlet” time record. What if this guy, with his insane speed and agility, could have learned some MMA?

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BJJ Grading Day!

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There’s going to be a lot on new colour on the mats next week. That is in terms of belt colours as we just had a huge Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu grading at my good friend and teammate Dragan Konjevic’s school in Kitchener, Ontario.

Nearly 15 guys from our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team (which consisted of guys from Oakville, London, Kitchener and Hamilton) graded for their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belts. For those of you not familiar with BJJ, Blue belt is the belt that comes after white belt but it takes nearly two years of dedication and hard training. A blue belt is tough on the mats!

Congrats to everyone, you guys did awesome! I can’t wait to roll with the new blue belts next week.

I’ll have some pics and video up soon.

Check out our teams website at

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Check this out!

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Here’s a great match I found with Leo Viera in it. Enjoy!

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