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UFC 94 – GSP vs. Penn

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Ufc 94 is around the corner and I’m getting excited for it. I think it’s because of the great job the UFC has done building up the main event in the media. They’ve made B.J Penn look like a trash talking fighter who isn’t taking this fight seriously. I’m one hundred percent certain that the portrayal of Penn isn’t totally accurate and more likely the creation of a producer working behind the scenes of it all. I’m ordering it at my house and have invited a bunch of people to come over. Here’s my take on tomorrow night’s event.

Stephan Bonnar vs. Jon Jones

Looking at this fight my initial thought was to pick Bonnar to win but for some reason my instincts are telling me to choose Jon Jones as the man to win it. Bonnar has the experience advantage and his losses were to some of the best guys in the division. My head says Bonnar but I’m going to pick Jones for some unknown reason as if my limited psychic ability is kicking in and providing me with some secret information.

My pick – Jon Jones (TKO round 2)

Nathan Diaz vs. Clay Guida

This is one of the fights I’m real excited about. I love watching Clay Guida fight, how can you not? He brings hair swinging, hammer fist flying action to every one of his bouts. He’s up against a tall, lanky skilled grappler in Nate Diaz but I believe he’s going to be able to avoid Nate’s submissions and grind out a decision victory with effective wrestling and ground and pound.

My Pick – Clay Guida (Decision)

Karo Parisyan vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Kim comes into this fight with a flawless record and Parisyan enters the cage as the more experienced fighter of the two. Way more experienced! I think that fact is going to play a factor in the outcome of this fight. Karo is not the best striker , the biggest or the fastest guy in the division but I think it will be his craftiness and cage control that will enable him to leave this fight with another win on his record.

My pick – Karo Parisyan (Decision)

Lyoto Machida vs. Thiago Silva

Both of these guys are strong strikers and each of is undefeated. That fact along makes this matchup a very interesting one. Machida is a crafty fighter who seems really good at sticking to a strategy throughout his fights. Silva will have to be aggressive, taking the fight to his opponent in order to nullify Machida’s elusive style. I’m thinking Silva will land something powerful late into the fight and will pull out a TKO victory.

My pick – Thiago Silva – TKO (round 3)

Georges St. Pierre vs. B.J. Penn

This fight is exciting because it has the potential to be an historic five round war or end quickly if either fighter makes a mistake early. In my opinion GSP has the more solidified skill set with strong wrestling and good jiu-jitsu and striking skill. However BJ possesses the innate ability to do unorthodox and extremely effective things when he steps into the cage not to mention some ultra-clean BJJ technique. Either of these guys can win this fight! Here’s how I think they can do it.


1. Take B.J into the later rounds

2. Be able to adapt his game on the spot.

3. Avoid the bottom position

B.J Penn

1. Get the upper hand in the striking department early on in the fight.

2. Use a lot of movement to avoid takedowns

3. If he does get taken down, he needs to work back to his feet quickly.

I believe GSP will come out more aggressive than ever in this fight which should make for some great entertainment. It’s gonna be a good one!

My pick – George St. Pierre TKO (Round 2)

What are your picks?

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I did my first over the phone interview today with my favourite MMA referee Yves Lavigne. I’m trying to decide if I should mask my classic Canadian “EH?” for my next interview or keep it. It was a pleasure interviewing Yves, he’s a great guy and he had a lot of great things to say. Enjoy!

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"In the Cage" on Y108

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Just got back from Y108 after doing the first segment of the new MMA spot called “In the cage” with Ben, Kerry and me.

Everything went smoothly as we discussed the upcoming UFC 94 card. I’m always impressed how relaxed and natural these guys are on the air. It always makes my job easier. We will be doing the spot every 2 weeks and will be talking about all things mixed martial arts related.

I forgot to turn my cell phone off while on the air but fortunately no one called me. I’m mentioning this because I remember one time that I was on the air and I had forgotten that I had my wife’s cell phone in my jacket pocket. It rang in the middle of the show but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that the ring tone was some type of love song which played loudly as I struggled to find the phone inside my jacket. It was a little embarassing as I had just returned from my UFC fight in San Diego and we had been discussing the toughness it takes to be a mixed martial artist.

I’ll put up a post as to when the show will be on next…Also check for information about the station.

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Affliction 2!

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I really enjoyed the Affliction 2 card tonight! I stayed home and had tried to order it on pay per view but I ended up not being able to. I made the mistake of waiting until around 9:45pm to order the event. When I couldn’t get it to work I realized that the event started at 9pm and the small window of orderability (I know it’s not a word) was already closed.

I googled the event on the net and found a place to watch it through a live stream. Yes!! I don’t mind spending the $50 to support an upcoming mma organization but I’m glad I found some way to see the card.

First off I thought Arlovski did a great job in his fight with Fedor. He showed good head movement, crisp punching and was working his range beautifully. Would he have won the fight had he not thrown that flying knee? Maybe, as he seemed to control the pace of the fight throughout most of that first round. That’s the nature of the mma game, one mistake can be all it takes. Fedor looked relaxed as he timed that finishing punch perfectly and showed tremendous class in not smashing his already ko’d opponent afterwards. I look forward to seeing both of them back in the ring soon.

The rest of the card was entertaining as well with some good groundfighting and striking exchanges. The camera angles and filming distances were sort of refreshing after so much of the same thing over the years. I like the wide shot showing the entire ring as the fighters moved around it.

There were some moments that were not so professional in the production. I think they should really shut off the microphones when they are not in use as we had hear the commentators and various other people talking in the background way too many times.

I did well with my picks for this card, scoring 4 correct and 1 incorrect, with Belfort disrupting my perfect score with his nice KO victory.

I’ve totalled all of my pics since beginning this blog and my grand total is…..

25 Correct, 10 Incorrect = 71%

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"Inferno" Picture of the week

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This picture was taken during my fight with Jon Fitch (click to watch rnd.3) at Freedom Fight. A headbutt to my nose had caused it to bleed heavily early into the fight. As the fight progressed and sweat built up, the blood coming out of my nose thickened and started to bother me a little bit.

After the fight I remembered a moment when I had grabbed a thick strand of my blood that was hanging from my nose and tossed it though the ropes in some random direction. I joked with the promoter later on that night about doing so, and mentioned to him that I hoped that no one sitting at ringside was hit by it. He laughed so loud and told me that his friend has caught my bloody mess in his beer and was pumped about it!

Here’s the pic the promoter sent me weeks later to verify his claim.

If I would have known ealier, I would have bought the guy a beer!

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Affliction 2!!!

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On Saturday night Affliction 2 is taking place. Here are my thoughts on the card…

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Andrei Arlovski

There has been a lot of hype to build up this fight. I’ve watched a few videos of each fighter being interviewed, training and doing other things. Arlovski has been working on his boxing a lot from what I’ve seen and heard so I’m excited to see how he looks on Saturday night. I hope this fight lives up to all expectations because if it does it will give Affliction a great boost in terms of credibility and popularity.

Fedor is a special type of fighter. A pure warrior, that many fans believe is virtually unbeatable, posessing a unorthadox style that works well for him consistantly. That type of opponent can be difficult to train for any fighter. I think Fedor will uphold his near spotless record in this fight and will pull out a victory in the first or second round.

My pick – Fedor (1st round KO)

Josh Barnett vs. Gilbert Yvel

This is a pretty good fight with two big names that both have a ton of experience in the fight game. Josh Barnett possesses the more well rounded skill set of the two fighters and I think that will give him a distinct advantage throughout the fight. Yvel will definitely look to keep this fight standing but I believe he will be unable to do so.

I predict a takedown scored by Barnett will put Gilbert Yvel in trouble early and that the fight won’t last longer than 2 rounds.

My Pick – Barnett (2nd round submission)

Matt Lindland Vs. Vitor Belfort

This is a fight that I am looking forward to watching. Vitor Belfort has great punching, aggressive knee strikes and a good ground game. That’s the type of fighter I enjoy watching most, the type who can end a bout in a variety of ways. I believe his success or failure rides on what he brings to each fight mentally. Matt Lindland will be a huge problem for Vitor if he doesn’t bring his “A” game on Saturday night.

Lindland is a fierce competitor who will no doubt look to take this fight down to the mat with his phenomenal wrestling skill, so that he can use his strong base and ground and pound technique to scroe a tko or grind out a decision victory. It’s a tough pick for me but I think Matt Lindland’s competitiveness and mental toughness will pay off for him in this matchup.

My pick – Lindland (decision)

Renato “Babalu” Sobral vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou

Sokoudjou is probably one of the scariest looking fighters that one could have to face in the cage, the ring or the street for that matter. He is a physical specimen. Fortunately for those that face him now , he has been beaten in the past and a loss can often make a physical monster seem more human.

I think Babalu will come into this fight with a ton of confidence as he won his last four fights. Look for him to mix up his technique on Saturday night in an attempt to find a weakness in his opponent’s game. I think he’ll pull out the “W” in this bout.

My pick – Renato “Babalu” Sobral (2nd round Submission)

Dan Lauzon vs. Bobby Green

As a last minute replacement, Bobby Green has stepped in for Chris Horodecki who is nursing a buldging disc problem in his back. I don’t know much about Green but I am going to pick Lauzon to win this fight by submission based on his experience advantage and the fact that Green is taking this fight on such short notice.

My pick – Dan Lauzon (3rd round submission)

What do you think?

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BJJ Highlight!

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Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles in Action. I love this guys game!

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Self-Defense Tip #6

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Avoid presenting a victim profile

An attacker will attack the targets that appear easiest. They will avoid those that appear to know what’s going on and might put up a fight. When you are out in public, look people in the eye, keep your head up, and walk confidently. This will take away their element of surprise and they will likely pass you up for an easier target.

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UFC 93

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UFC 93 looks like it will turn out to be a great night of fights. There are some exciting matchups on the main card that should provide some great entertainment value to the millions of fans that watch it this Saturday.

In a welterweight bout Marcus Davis will be facing Chris Lytle. Both of these fighters have professional boxing records and each possess a very well rounded skill set. The word on the street is that these two want to keep the fight on the feet and bang it out. If that were to happen I think this match has a great shot to win the “fight of the night” award. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

My pick – Marcus Davis (decision)

Jeremy Horn is making his return to the Octagon on this card to face Brazilian fighter Rousimar Palhares. Jeremy has more mma experience than pretty much every other person on the planet so he is always calm and collected each time he is in the octagon which makes him fun to watch. Palhares is the younger of the two fighters and has shown some good skill in his previous fights. I’m having a tough time picking the winner of this fight but I’m going to go with Palhares by decision.

My pick – Rousimar Palhares (decision)

Canadian Dennis Kang will be making his UFC against a talented fighter in Alan Belcher. I think Dennis will look to take this fight to the ground at some point early into the fight so he can employ his strong jiu-jitsu skills. I’m thinking this fight will end early with Kang securing some sort of submission hold.

My pick – Dennis Kang (2nd round submission)

MMA pioneer Mark Coleman enters the Octagon Saturday night to face Brazilian superstar Mauricio Rua. Coleman brings spectacular wrestling ability to the cage and Rua brings a wealth of experience and solid striking skills so I’m anticipating a short but intense fight. Will Coleman be able to ground and pound his way to victory or will Rua prove to be too elusive and pick apart his powerhouse of an opponent?

My pick – Mauricio Rua (2nd round TKO)

The main event is a great one with Dan Henderson facing another UFC superstar in Rich Franklin. Two big names with two strong skill sets makes this fight very interesting in my opinion. I’m thinking Henderson’s wrestling skill will prove to much for Franklin to deal with and Dan will win the fight by decision.

My pick – Dan Henderson (decision)

What are your picks for UFC 93?

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Erik Paulson on Joslin's!

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I am excited to announce that Erik Paulson will be teaching a submission wrestling (no-gi) seminar at Joslin’s MMA on Sunday, Feb. 1st from 11am-2pm. The cost is $75 (before Jan 28) or $90 after that.

Erik is a shooto fighting champion and has trained many champions over the years. Currently he trains Brock Lesnar and Josh Barnett for their fights. I’ve trained with Erik many times in the past and his seminars are always fun and full of knowledge. The man is like a martial arts encyclopedia. What I love about Erik’s style is that he uses stuff from many different grappling arts.

To register for the seminar contact me at Joslin’s MMA 905-383-3539.

Here are some videos of Erik.


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